Eon (Trailer) Entry: Henrik Lindqvist


Looks nice, but I’m not sure why the shuttle crashing was the Pelican from Halo?


Umm, yea! In all it was rather nice looking stuff… up untill to the point of the craft crashing.
I agree with ‘flamingbs’ with this one - the craft has a startling reseblence to the “Pelican” in “Halo”, maybe too much for my taste.
Everything else is original, why is that small item different?
I’m confident that you could have fixed something that looks little less like the “Pelican”.

  • Or is this simply a fluke? Are you familiar with “Halo” at all?


Well the only one of us that have been playing HALO 1 on Xbox is me but it is Henrik that did this scene and I the SFX in the end. I must say that I don’t recall this from Halo, but then again, space ships that crasch inside meteorites probably would behave like this :-).
Thanks for the comments by the way, we shall investigate this more hehe.


Our team would like to congratulate all the winners on a superb job.
This was one heck of a ride, fun and we learned a lot.

CYA next challenge :slight_smile:

Peter, Henrik, Victor and Jörgen


Testing …


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