Eon (Trailer) Entry: Henrik Lindqvist


Ha! Maybe he thought someone yelled “Cut!” and was too hot under the coat so decided to disrobe.

I guess you could claim it’s a “costum malfunction.” That’s seems to be going around these days. It’s a great looking model though, and very nice cloth effects. At least he still had his boots on. :slight_smile:


Software: After Effects

Here’s the opening sequence with sound, dub and music. Sound comp done in Soundtrack Pro. Comp in After Effects.

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Software: After Effects

Sound effects plus voices for the opening sequence. Soundtrack Pro.

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It may be just me for some reason, but I couldn’t actually hear anything on your “Initial Semi-Final Sound” post. The audio on the last entry (Sound FX and Voice Dub) played fine.

The render is looking great though. Those models and that texture/skin is fantastic. This one’s going to be very good. Best of luck in the final hours!


Software: After Effects

This time with sound. Thanks Fifty…

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No problem. The latest one comes through just fine. Sounds great too! :thumbsup:


Phew! We’ve reached the end. The completion. The grandfinale!
This is our final version of the trailer. It’s been painful, educational and fun. For us (believe it or not) this was our first attempt at a production of this scale. We have all dabbled in 3D and 2D animation and visualisation for some time, but this project contatined many firsts. Thanks for all your comments and support!

OK, some specs;
The following hardware was used: Vic, Pete and Jörgen worked on Macs, Henrik on PC:s of differnt configs.

Digital tools:
3D software: 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, Other software used: Luxology Modo, Pixologic ZBrush, Poser, Vue Infinite
2D texturing and imaging; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
Compositing: Adobe After Effects, Motion, iMovie
Sound: Soundtrack Pro, Garage Band.

Analog tools:
Pen and a lot of Paper!

High-res QT and AVI will be made available on our server. Some behind-the-scenes and tutorials will follow soon.
Also a special thanks to Max Koldenius for supplying the voice for Olmy.

Ladies and gentlemen… Elvis has left the building.
/Peter, Victor, Jörgen and Henrik

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my favourite so far. Good job dinosaurs :thumbsup: Good luck with judging.


Congrats guys!!! your trailer works very well.
The fire wall in the patricia shot is wicked cool and the sound track made a fantastic mood too.
And last but not list…the video interference on the final logo its a very stylish touch.

Bravi!! :thumbsup:



Great job, that alien saying “Are they organized?” is my favorite! Intense. What’s the story behind that voice?


UserBrain - Thanks :slight_smile: The voice of “the Minister” is the famous Swedish actor me. It is recorded here in our office in the little room of Henrik L (because he’s the boss he have his own corner office). Then me and Jörgen messed it up in Soundtrack Pro, don’t remember wich filters that was used but one of em was “Voice transformer” or something.


Great work!:thumbsup:

How did you encoding your FLV? Which software? it looks so sharp and clean!!:slight_smile:


Oh, it´s looking great! good luck to you! :wink:


RIVA FLV-encoder was used. Highly recommended and easy to use.



Great trailer! Really awesome! This is a very nice piece of work your team has produced.

I especially liked the shuttle crash. In all your earlier posts I’ve been wondering what that was going to look like, and it blew me away. Very nice job. And the music again is wonderful, one of my favourite soundtracks in the whole challenge. The way it drops off at the end there with the logo, just perfect.

I’m also looking forward to your behind-the-scenes stuff and tutorials. If you’re taking requests, I’d personally love to see something on the texturing of various characters (Olmy and/or the Frant) and also a breakdown of how that cityscape seen in the opening shots was modelled. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on putting together such a great entry!!!


fantastic work Norma Team ! :thumbsup: this trailer rocks and i really love the double-end.
Wish you too the best of luck for the following step…judging !


High-res QT Trailer and a “who-did-what” can be found on our webpage: EON


heavily teasing stuff, promissing and fantastically brought to its end :slight_smile: you guys rocked it all the way, congrats on your fantastic final - best of luck mates :slight_smile:


Looking just great, really nice composition and image.
So, i think you have done really good looking trailer and i think you’ll be near the contest winners.

Good luck.


Mmmm very very nice i like it, the mood is very nice bravo :bounce: