Eon (Trailer) Entry: Henrik Lindqvist


I agree with spire! But anyway…DAMN! this scene rox!!:buttrock:


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

Quick frant clip… Rendering and compositing like crazy…

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Yeaahh!! man. The frant rocks!!!
We have a similar shot but your is better!!! :smiley:




I agree with The Shift! The frant kicks A$$!


I love the Frant clip the only thing that concerns me about it though is that, that little portion makes the Frant look evil when they are anything but. However I relize this is just an extremely small portion so I’ll just shut up now and again say that it looks great!


Yeah, that’s an awesome shot! He does look a little ominous, but I think that’s fine for the trailer. You want to grab viewer interest, and that’s a great shot to do it. I love how he emerges through the mist like that. Nicely done.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,CINEMA 4D

First cut, temp score and sound. Lots of rendering and compositing left… sigh…

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yeah, this was dark (in good way of course). I already can speak about different flavours of trailers in this challenge. So, keep progressing folks :thumbsup: I might have one point here - the explosions on earth are not that clear to understand now, but I guess you are still working on that part.


Really good job with all the action set perfectly to the music. I especially like the drum, very drumatic! Patricia’s run, and the way she looks over her shoulder, look extremely nice. Great effects.


Good job, although, I noticed some of the scenes aren’t fully rendered or textured. (long pause) Just kidding… how much more lame can it get. It looks awesome, I really like how it is coming together.


EXCELLANT! That put the Frant in much better context and it worked. It worked VERY well! Forget the earlier comment on him looking ‘evil’ as I thought I just needed to see him in context.


Cool. This


Looks great.
Yes there is something to do more but i think you’ll make it !!!
Music and image is on the level, really nice.

I like the composition so keep on.


I like it very much, the beginning of the video get’s my hear up!


Wow, what a great job your team is doing! That’s really come together very well. The music and overall pacing are especially well done, in my opinion. It has a very nice “feel” to it. And the finished version will be that much better! Keep going!


This looks really good!!! The only thing I noticed was that at some point (when the part comes where Patricia is running) the pace of music and film differ a bit. Not in a sense of sync, but somehow I think the musik should pace up a good bit when the “action” starts. Know what I mean? Faster, more drive. Of course, it could work different / better in your final version…but that’s just my opinion from what I’ve seen.


Software: 3ds max

Thought we’d treat you to a little mishap. A clothsim gone haywire. Lucky it wasn’t his pants, huh?

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hehehe! Good model by the way! The anatomy looks fantastic! Expecially on the shoulders/back…


The beginning is more impressive then final part.
Why you are using black frame between frame with Earth and eye? Maybe cross dissolve would be better?


It seems to work pretty well. Was it a mistake with the gravity?