Eon (Trailer) Entry: Henrik Lindqvist


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Welcome to the trailer challenge. Enjoy! :thumbsup:


OK, here’s our first logo concept. The “O” is suppose to represent the seven chambers, and the “person” in the middle, humanity. We’ve not yet read the whole book, so revisions will probably follow…


But you need to upload an image… hehe :bounce:

– Well done, we are on the way!


BRILLIANT LOGO! cool star!


OK. This is how it’s going to go down (hopefully). I’ll try to roughly outline our time constraints and flow chart.


[li] Brainstorming[/li][li] Research and concepts[/li][li] Storyboarding[/li][li] Pre-viz[/li][/ul] November
[li] Pre-viz (cont.)[/li][li] Final versions of concept drawings[/li][li] Temp sound recording[/li][li] Modeling[/li][li] Texturing[/li][/ul] December
[li] Modeling (cont.)[/li][li] Texturing (cont.)[/li][li] Rigging[/li][li] Animation[/li][li] Lighting[/li][li] Rough cut[/li][li] Finalize sound[/li][/ul] January
[li] SFX and Compositing[/li][li] Final cut[/li][/ul] Software (probably some other bits and bobs as well)

Modelling: 3ds Max Rs 8, Modo, Cinema 4d, ZBrush

Animation: 3ds Max, Cinema 4d
Compositing: Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion
Textures and Visuals: Photoshop
Sound: Soundtrack Pro, Logic
Rendering: Splutterfish Brazil


Another concept to set the mood…


Your in for a busy december. :slight_smile: I like the logo it looks good. look forward to seeing some more updates.


Hey cool logo Henrik! Funny, first I thought it vas some silk drapery in the back there.:slight_smile:

Really nice with that face!

My only concern is that the N looks a little light on the right side there
. Looks a little lump sided maybe.

The best of luck to you friend!!


Very clever logo - and the face backdrop is working real well. Looking forward to see where this goes.

lycka till! :slight_smile:


Yup. December is our crunch period. We’re currently three people working on this project. The main problem is that we all have a full time job and doing this in our free time. :smiley:


Concept sketch for Patricia Vasquez. I’m toying around with a manga look. Not sure though…


nice suit design. The logo is great! Keep it up!


Our angle is to turn things around. We want to show the events from “stoners” pespective. Concepts tomorrow…


Temporary score…


nice. i love the logo and suit design. the music is nice, but the piano and fading out seems a bit unnessecary…otherwise, great project so far!


now that has to be one of the best cartoon pic i have seen in a long time


Ahh there’s more than one of you. You’ll be fine then.


I like the music - especially the “limping” feel - very good.
A bit hesitant about the character though - seems a little bit cartoony to match the logo and the music, but hey - I can be wrong.
Kul med ett så starkt svenskt team i startfältet :slight_smile:



I’m having problems getting this dolly/crane-shot right. Comments please…