Eon (Trailer) Entry: Francesco Paduano


Hi Francesco! Great to see this enthusiasm and these efforts: you’re making a really great work! Very inspiring. Also Nice to think that we’re only two/three hour distant! (and same for OZ!)
Keep it up, we can’t wait to see your updates! :bounce:

p.s. e come dici tu: in bocca al lupo Paesà!!! ehhehehe

ThE-ShiFT team


Man,I really like your work.You are one of my favorites in this challenge.
Regards , Spire.


I’have added the wip of patricia and some face expressions


That is some excellent piece of work!
Those expressions should look nice in motion.

Keep it up!!


this is a new version of the asteroid, I have changed some proportion now is much similar to the book description…


Very nice modelling. That asteroid certainly has a lot of character. Hope everything is moving along well for you. Looking forward to seeing it all together.


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