Eon (Trailer) Entry: Francesco Paduano


I like your Vasquez concept a lot. A bit more masculine (I guess thats the hair) than I imagine her, though.


I have started the Patricia 3d modeling


Another Patricia wip the Body 3d modeling


OTV veicles wip modeling


This is the work of last two nights without sleep…


3D as good as you painting abilities, good work.

Keep going on !


targus thx :thumbsup:




Hey guys. Enough with the spanish already!:smiley:
Your model and concept of Patrica is looking muy bien. I was just wondering if you could show us some more concepts or storyboards?


Both models (Patricia and the shuttle) look great. Keep it coming!


That’s a really nice model. The top looks nice can’t wait to see her textured.


First test rendering of Patricia and base skinning…


She looks good.


very very very great modeling !! courage for the following steps !


I liked the sketches but things seem to be moving very fast and very well too.
What direction are yo going with Patricia (sorry i killed the spelling)? Tough chick, sultry babw, deeply introspective. I’m just curious.


Hi guys this weekend I have intensify my work for the challenge… For the storyboard i hope to show you as soon possible… sorry but my work in the week is very busy so i must work in thi night… I hope that you can understand :slight_smile:


Great textures. You’ve obviously been hard at work. I’d be interested to know the poly count on the model.


Genuinely impressed by your Patricia model, really like the style. No crits, just wondering if it would be possible to get some close-up shots of her, especially the face - definitely understand if time won’t let you though.

Just wondering how you will be able to finish with a project like this with that kind of high quality? I, mean I can see you’re experienced and all but I’m totally amazed if you can pull that off. Hope you all the best though, so don’t get me wrong :smiley:


Very nice work on Patricia. Looking forward to the next update.

Just noticed that her thumbs are not positioned correctly, might wanna check that out.


hi guys!

fifty3dragons: the model is around to 250.000 polys

Nordberg: thx for your comments… I will try to finish :slight_smile: soon i will show you the close-up shots :thumbsup:

SNoWs: thx for your comments… for the thumbs you have right but this is just the base skinning now i must refine…:thumbsup: