Eon (Trailer) Entry: Francesco Paduano


Patricia modelling and rigging update…


Everything is beutiful except one detail that really bugs me… the fingers look extremelly thin in the render that shows them head-on… In every other render, they look very nice but that one looks strange… keep up the great work


YEAH!!! great rigghing! :buttrock:


Yeah. Some great models here. It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been able to check threads, and it looks like you’ve been hard at work. The Patricia model still amazes me. Glad to see you’ve got her rigged now. Your other models are very impressive as well. Keep it up!


great worck man !
loocking better and better, your Patricia is the best model i’ve seen so far . excelent job!
keep up and good luck ! :thumbsup:


awesome, pat looks very sexy :wink: keep up and good luck!


Really great work, I thought the most of you will shoot the scenes with people. But what I see here is really really good!


wip of the spacesuit


Sweet stuff man! Cant wait to see it animated!!!:applause:


More great modelling. The spacesuit is really coming along nicely. Are you doing all your backgrounds in 3D as well? And at that level of detail?


Thx guys ! i’m very happy that you continue to like my works…:slight_smile:

fifty3dragons: my target is to make the most possible in 3d offcourse I will use some techniques in compositing, mattepainting etc. for reduce the time of production… But the most important is that I hope to find the time to finish it…:slight_smile:

Oz: thx for your support… E scusa se non ho postato niente sul tuo thread ma vai alla grande! Amo soprattutto i mezzi da trasporto sono veramente splendidi… In bocca al lupo paesà!:slight_smile:



Your modeling is clean and the designs fresh. I hope we get to see some of these characters in motion.


Very nice work, i really appreciate it.
Wait to see everything in complete view.

Keep on working and have a good luck.


Hi Francesco! Great to see this enthusiasm and these efforts: you’re making a really great work! Very inspiring. Also Nice to think that we’re only two/three hour distant! (and same for OZ!)
Keep it up, we can’t wait to see your updates! :bounce:

p.s. e come dici tu: in bocca al lupo Paesà!!! ehhehehe

ThE-ShiFT team


Man,I really like your work.You are one of my favorites in this challenge.
Regards , Spire.


I’have added the wip of patricia and some face expressions


That is some excellent piece of work!
Those expressions should look nice in motion.

Keep it up!!


this is a new version of the asteroid, I have changed some proportion now is much similar to the book description…


Very nice modelling. That asteroid certainly has a lot of character. Hope everything is moving along well for you. Looking forward to seeing it all together.


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