Eon (Trailer) Entry: Francesco Paduano


Francesco Paduano is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Rough Storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: wip asteroid


Good luck with the trailer challenge. Enjoy! :thumbsup:


THX Claireabella Also for you…:thumbsup:


Go Francesco! :bounce:


Hi Dimitris

thx i will try to make my best… :bounce:

Ciao Ciao


M@ says :
look the italian lover is back…


gogogogo !!!


yeeeessss ficolo is back! i hope to see much italian love in this thread… a good change to our world full of bananasses!


:slight_smile: Ciao baby and fellah, hahahahaah!!! :thumbsup:

…You remeber me sweet memories…:beer:

Good challenge for you…:thumbsup:



yeah, good luck ficolo! :smiley:


:thumbsup: thx mv the same for you :bounce:


hehe great so see you here too mate. goodluck and have fun :):beer:


:scream: TheFirstAngel this is my target to make a trailer for this challenge but if for my work engagements i can’t finish this i try to make the others or illusytration or 3d scene.:thumbsup:

Steel good luck for you :slight_smile:



Welcome in !!!

bello leggere Raylight studios!! mi ricorda un sacco di cose quando lavoravo “veramente” nel mondo dello sviluppo di videogiochi!! buona fortuna per il challenge!


OZ: Grazie vale lo stesso per te ciao ed in bocca al lupo!:slight_smile:



heila guarda te stavo ranzando la tua entry nell’ambito Trailer… shame on me…

good luck for this entry Francesco



jddog: this entry is my target I hope to finish this… if my work engagments give to me a little bit of time…:slight_smile:

Anyway goodluck for you like always :thumbsup:



Hi guys this is my start…


Welcome to challenge.
Painting look good, we’ll see what you can do in 3D :twisted:

Good luck.


looking great, bring it on mate! cast em poly’s! :beer::buttrock::wip:


Very nice concept. Looking forward to the model.