Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


Here’s another finished scene from the first part of the trailer.


Grande OZ!!!
The color on the last scene is very suggestive.

Your work is very cool, i can’t wait to see your final trailer.

See you soon.



Yeah, this is really coming together now.

I notice that the color on the last image is very close to the color of the third image of the previous series of three shots (2 posts back; the one with the gargoyle in the foreground) except in that one the red/orange coloring is due to the nuclear blast. Does this mean the color for this last image represents a shot affected by a bomb blast, or should the color be tweaked to match the first image in the gargoyle shot (i.e. for continuity)? Does what I said even make sense?

Still, more beautiful detail. The OTV rocks!


The live footage+CG shots look extremelly nice… one thing that seems a little strange to me is that the nuke explosion ring seems too parallel to the camera axis… I am sure it wil look great in motion though…


Mirsky’s assault space suit elmet.
just a wip…a lot to work on it.


Always good to see another post here! :slight_smile: Are you going to hide him behind the visor or will there be an actual modelled head in there?


last space vehicle is really interesting
I see for all the images a common background that is near to yukinobu hoshino’s 2001 nights
Anyway it seems just a background
everything seems new and interesting


To targus: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! you are damn right!!! Time is a killer for me now!!! i work almost 18 hours per day…TA DAAAANN!

to Swed:Wooh OTV is my favourite ship in the trailer! so i have put a lot of care on it…i dreamed more stuff on it but…as you said…deadline is close to us!!

to ThE-ShiFT: TNX A LOT! im happy to read your comments! Great stuff on your thread too!

to fifty3dragons:Tnx 4 ur attention to this “run run running” thread. Well…about the colours, i taken a sort of…palette…at the beginning of the challenge.I choosen some movie snaps to establish how the trailer will look.So…there is not a real continuity will in the images you talk about,but there is a common sense of colour in it!
and…hehe under the helmet…there will be a 3d mirsky face!Just last week i taken photos of the performer huo give the character His face.

to icedeyes:HA!are you talking about the big blue line? if yes…it is a lens effect caused by a very intense lighthing.I put a lot of attention on lens effects.all the scenes are lens deformed and all the light aberrations are included to give everything a real trailer look.


See you next week with major updates.


To Carlocki: YES!! you are right! all the vehicles,as the spacesuits,are inspired by hoshino work.
A big source of inspiration was 2001 space odissey…and all the works of Syd Mead.
Anyway 2001 nights is one of my favourite comic series.
PS: grazie per la dritta su monster house…VISTO…UN GIOIELLO!


I am a big fan of EON (have been since I was 14 years old or so), and this trailer is really exciting to watch. What are you plans for audio and music?


ovoship claw…just to post something!


Looking good, this challange is getting better for every day!



Great Fabio! :bounce: we were just waiting for your update! Great mecha design, and also the helmet is really promising!
Keep up, you’re really inspiring us!

ThE-ShiFT team


Great to see another update! That claw is amazing, but then I’ve come to expect nothing less from this thread. :slight_smile:

33 days to go!!!


ma che figo!
very interesting model
but there’s somewhere to see the entire animation or a wip of the animation
I’m sorry i’m not very well linked to the challenge


To khu:!!!You read it at 14!!? :eek: Not an easy book! Im a bit in trouble with voices…Im italian and is not easy here to find guys huo are able to recite in a good and expressive english!
The music is almost done…but im not still sure if everything fits the mood of the entire trailer.

to coolkonrad: Yes,the trailers all around are growing up with an high quality! I taken a look to the poster and the scene challenge,and there are icredible stuff too…but here in the trailer challenge area,the things are really HOT!:twisted:

to ThE-ShiFT: Troppo buono davvero…BUt…TNX! Very motivatig words!!

to fifty3dragons: 33 Thrilling days!!! :cry: TNX A LOT 4 UR comments!IT HELPS!

to mmh…moan moan…i have to admit that i still have problem to post video due to insufficient time !!! it is really a matter of time!!! Im happy you like the claw…im ready to post some new shots!


Here’s some frames from the claw animation test.
I like a lot the “spinal” look of the ovoship arms.Hope you like it as me!:slight_smile:


This is more or less what you will see in the final scene.Enjoy.


The claw rocks! Really metalic. I get a big kick out of all this! That animation will be a nice shock!


I really cant wait to see that claw animated!