Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica




Your OTV somehow reminds me of the Millenium Falcon :slight_smile: But then again…maybe I should watch less TV. Anyway, I like it.

The communications breakdown does happen, but not when the asteroid arrives. It occurs during the Death when the nations take out their enemies´ sattelites. But I guess that is an acceptable variation from the book to make the arrival of the asteroid a bit more dramatic, no?


Brilliant shot! Excellent coloration all across the board.
Only tho, try not to over romanticide the scene - it might begin to look too closely to the first StarWars-movie images from the 70’s. …Then again… not a bad idea at all! :thumbsup:


just an impressive work ! :eek:
I’ve seen all your thread, and wow…happy your not on the model challenge :bounce: :smiley:

very great, as always i wait to see the next update :slight_smile:


The OTV engines.Almost completed.I got a lot to work on otv!!


great ship designs as well as the engines for the otv. I cannot wait to see the whole thing done. Keep up the great work.


fantastic otv and arrow ship! i love the work in this thread!!


Everything is ok, but DoF is making it “toy-like-looking”, because of camera position and light.
Ok, ok i become silent i shut up. :thumbsup:


Hey Fabio!

Coffee and beer:argh: , what a terrible mix…but it seems to work so good for you:D !
I’m amazed again to see the stunning progress, love the first shot and the city scene is also very pleasant…and no crits for your ship designs, I like each of them:thumbsup: …
Can’t even imagine what you’ll show us next, but I’m sure it will be great too…already congrats for you and your team, you are just showing top level work here!:slight_smile:



Very first test on frant model…very very wip!


Wow! I step out for a week and a half and you guys really go to town. What fantasic models! That shot of the satellite in orbit is amazing. And that Frant looks totally how I pictured him. Ships, rockets, etc, etc. At the rate your going, 56 shots will be a breeze :scream:

I’ve said it before and I suspect this won’t be the last time either, but I’m totally blown away by the level of detial you’ve been able to achieve for this project. Keep it coming!


Me like Frant’s keep rockin dude :slight_smile:



very nice alien skin shader OZ… waiting to see more…


Here’s one of the “death scenes”.I plan some shots about war on the earth.The book does not describe it in detail,but in a blockbuster movie,that kind of scenes are a MUST.So…take a look an feel free to hard comment the effect…i took “inspiration” from Armageddon movie for this particular shot in Paris (guys i love this city!).


So you then blow it up? :thumbsup:


to machichi:Tnx a lot! You are everytime so kind to me!:smiley: geee TNX A LOT! Yes…the OVoeship is a bit kirby like he he he he …i must to make it pink!

to Henrikl:ARGH! i have to admit it!! i got some problems finding time to learn how to post movies!we close some scenes but we still had not time to post it!!!GOSGH!! tnx for your comment about ovoship…it iv very nice animated!

to AOK:THank you AOK!! i put a lot of attention on library…and im very happy that the design transmit the strong feeling you talk about.MMMh…the communications brakedown happens late in the book…and is not a strong point in the book.You are right.Watching movies i noticed that is common to change things from the book,right to make the story more interesting to a “visual language” point of view. So I done the same.In general i face this job closer to the way a movie maker do.I point to create a trailer that looks like a “real” one,where the point is not to tell the story but attract people to the movie.I hope you will like the final!:wip:

to Galaktor:THE OTV IS VERY WIP!!! he he he he he he yes…at this point of development it is similar to millenium falcon!And,about the commdown…yes,is what i thought!!!Tnx posting here Raphael.

to Cofiction: OOOH TNX A LOT! well…this scene was just a wip.Aniway i have to change a lot of stuff not to make this shot to similar to a star wars movie!!!SO…you are right! i will!

to SweD: HE HE HE HE tnx a lot! this is too much to me! tnx! and,good luck for your challenge! Look like you are doing a brillinat work! i
taken a look of your work and is brilliant!

to robertp:!!!:love:tnx man!!!

to opentarget:HE HE HE TNX…I love read this comments! i need it! is so hard to close this work!

to targus: HE HE HE no no…you are right! It is because i love the plastic models!:slight_smile:
so i did an “HOMAGE” to the times before CG!!! the final shots will be not HEAVY DOFed.

to daWinky: HE HE HE HE HEEEEE yes it is a terrible mix! he he he is a fortune that i drink it separately!!! ha ha ha a day of that i must try to mix it!!hehe…You are very kind.Tnx a lot for your words.Me and jimmydog are very happy to read this…it helps.

to fifty3dragons:Nice to see you here again!! I miss you man! and,compliment for your work too!Im very happy to read your coment about the frant.It was very difficult to desing it! i have tons of concepts about it!! and i was never sure of his design.

to coolkonrad:TNX! it is a wip…but looks like it work!!Yeppeee!

to icedeyes: I love that skin too! it need a lot of work till the final verision comes!


to Galaktor: HE HE HE HE HE HE YES YES HE HE HE…may be a “freud matter” but,yes,I destoryed all my favourite city in the trailer!! he he he.May be too much beer or coffee!


Almost completed OTV and a new shot!
the first “door” in the 7th chamber.
This scene take place in the 7th chamber,when patricia and other scientists analized the first door.
this scene is a Wip!!!and…again…fooooorgive my english!


OK, good work man, but don’t forget about time, it’s not too much.


to SweD: HE HE HE HE tnx a lot! this is too much to me! tnx! and,good luck for your challenge! Look like you are doing a brillinat work! i taken a look of your work and is brilliant!
:blush: thanks for your words mate ! really appreciate :slight_smile:

Your work on OTV is really cool as the rest !
But clearly deadline is approaching, can’t wait to see your first anim shot ! keep up ! :thumbsup: