Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


great work on the satellite! and again the library is fantastic im really enjoying watching this thread keep it coming!


WOOOOOH! after nights and night and gallons of coffee and beer…we finished the very first shot!!!
Im happy! tired but very happy…well…we got 56 shot to the end now…maybe a problem…dont you think!?


Very good work OZ. Animation of the shot ?


That’s realy great. The texturing is really very high-detailed. I love the blue-red mood of it.
I don’t know what to say else. I’m exited to see the next shots.


THANK YOU!:scream:
Jimmydog will post it soon as possible…the scene is very simple,the satellite runs to the camera while the asteroid makes it dark to complete black.


WOW! that looks fantastic!! love it keep it coming! :eek:


Here’s a fist vision of the chandelier palace in Alexandria.Enjoy…


Man that’s great also. How do U get this little buildings? Did U use a displacement?


To icedeyes:YEs…you understood pretty well! i designed the stuff considering from “when” it comes.This is the general rule about the design of eon world.
HE HE HE my renderfarm is abot 4 pc!!! he he he…but i spent a lot on this trailer so i buy 2 pc more to render it.This weekend jimmydog open my eyes and so the 90 sec now is slipped to a more reasonable 60 sec.TNX TO POST AND SEEYA…

to kingmango:You are right about both library and satellite.
As you can see the satellite is finished and it is fare more detailed that the first version.
I hope to put the same details in the library scene.
I was thinking about a sculpture…but is is a theme that in the book is comple absent…Im still not sure if put some scupture or not.Is it is a good suggestion anyway.

to targus: TNX a lot! and compliments for you last entry!

to machichi:TNX M8! The little buildings…even in the green ground,are done with a trick.
I used 4 planes of opacity on a solid panel.
The solid one have a procedural tile texture,the upper planes have the same texture but with an opacity channel that mask some areas giving the illusion of solid stuff.
very light to build millions of buildings.

to Bethoven:Animation comes later.I ask jimmydog to work on posting animations.Anyway is ready a lot of stuff…and i hope to show it sonne as possible.

to opentarget:TNX TNX TNX! reading this helps a lot!!!:love:


I’m intrestin’ in this 4 planes building trick 'cause I don’t think my Mac will make it with so many buildings arround. Can U explaine me a little bit more. I tried out something but I did not get this exyctly result. Maybe I’m to dumb :wink:


Look at this…is it clear enought? I hope so! :slight_smile:


That’s really clear. I did a stupid little mistake (DUMBA…)


Here there are a couple of shot from the two of the almost closed cut.
(forgive my pizza’s english!)
It is a bit an “alfa-omega” entry…the first and one of the last scenes in the trailer.


U make me speechless (like always^^) looking great the sunset or dawn :wink: it’s awseome


The spherical ship at the gate of axis city was one of that things that hit my fantasy reading the book.
The scene was exciting and spectacular,so i decided to put in the trailer.here’s the ovoship (as i call it) model.


I would rather call it KIRBY :wink: Yeah this ship catch my fantasy also. Nice intepretation.


Looking good OZ. I love the ovo-ship-thingie. Can’t w8 to see some animated shots.


Here’s the arrow ship model…I like a lot the MINIMAL look of the axis city vehicles,both ovoship and arrows as every vehicle in axis city have a minimal design.The laces on the hull want to express the mature sense of artistry and visual taste of a future society,as the thisledown is.(forgive my poor english guys!) all the ships will have the same kind of decorations.Hope you like it.


NEW OTV! the first otv was to shuttle like. The otv is an orbital vehicle…so I want it to be a blend between a shuttle and the Lem of apollo 13.
This model is 40% coplete.



Nice designs man! Especially the library, really strong looking. It really translates as the foundation of knowledge. Good idea to raise the anticipation with the communications brakedown, but maybe a bit off the topic, since there wasn’t such an episode in the book or wasn’t really anything that implied it. or maybe I’m just being too uptight.:smiley: Interested to see the final cut.