Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


Man…the previews are looking great…im watching over this one.



If you need architectural help you know to whom ask

fine works


Only thing that I have to say is that the leafs on the plants looks a bit to large, but then again what do I know about plants inside a huge asteroid … like the lightning.


eon trailer


Damn thats one big pot plant. LOL. Love the building. Don’t worry you’ll get the procedual texture working. Don’t give up. That’s the main thing. I have to ask did you model the building or paint it… I can’t tell. :blush: either way it looks awesome.


Hey Fabio,

don’t know what to say about your stunning progress here, I’m a little spechless now…you’ve done so much work and already have a lot of stuff together…and with this high level of detail:thumbsup: ! And everything is really looking great, no crits at all from me:applause: . Now I can only wish that you’ll always have enough coffee to continue:D …





Hello OZ. Sorry for not posting the last time. I’m too busy either for this. I like the citysketch. It’s similar to that, I have in mind. The bibliotheque is very cool too. Man where am I here. It’s hard for me to hold the quality here but I will try my best. I wil post next renders soon (I hope ;-). The time is running and running and running…

But anyway, your work is very inspirating for me thnx and really great.


More great concept stuff. I like the shuttle and the city. The library leaves me speechless. I don’t know how you guys manage to crank out such high quality work so quickly, but I’m envious. :slight_smile: Great stuff.


Nice poster–works for me!


breathtaking progress. the preview of the library is just aweome! would be awesomeness to see a 120 min eon cgmovie anyways, this previews of yours wanna make me see it! keep on rocking mate, no crits, simply great work! rock on! :beer::buttrock::wip:


this is looking great, i love the look of the bibliotheca. your progress is stunning! looking forward for next update.


Really great looking work.


new and semifinal version.


to soapy:Im now just on city.there are a lot of details to model and i got little time.I put a lot of attention on city look.Making it futuristic but not unprobable.thnx a lot 4 ur words.It helps!

to Nazirull:Thak you! concepting is so funny! and i love the research and development.anyway…now i have to give that drawings a 3d body…im in trouble!!!:eek:

to carlocki: HEy wellcome back my friend! weel it is a mental ray rendering.Right now i have a machine on this scene to render the 4 sec sequence.it will take an entire day,24 hours of rendering!Nice quality,BUT IT COST! if i will be too much in trouble with architecture I’ll call you!Tnx!

to coolkonrad:ARGH! YES! you are right! my…my…what a big misstake! ok…as you can see i have just resizad that!:blush:

to Tenacious:coolkonrad say the same about leafs…i have rebuild the pot and i got to add a little bit more plants on it…that space on the semisphere is a sort of minigarden…but it was oversized!..my fault.
The building is renderd,but i applied some textures that may give the “pauinted” effect.
I plan to make some digital matte,but in this case is full3d.Did it work well for you? I are doing a great job here so im very interested about your opinion.

to daWinky: HA HA HA HA HA just a couple of days ago i bought a lot of beer and coffee!
he he he …every day i work about 14/16 hours on the trailer…so i need a lot of beer and coffe.mmmmh…keeping the level of detail so hight makes me mad…but i want to close the trailer as i imagine it.It will be hard,but the entire project is well planned.The previds and premodel period is almost finished,and now im on various final stuff.Jimmydog gives me a big hand doing a lot of things…Tnx to be here Sabrina,it helps a lot!seeya!


To machichi:I KNOW!!! man! never mind! we are all so busy! Is easy to have similar vision i think.We take ispiration from the very same novel.But im curious to se how the same thing may be developed form different people,didn’t you?Putting quality is very hard… on a trailer is twice hard…a lot of work have to be done.Im lucky because right now i have no much work on other projects…so im almost all on the trailer.Tnx 4 ur post here and KEEP IT UP M8!!! run run run run run run!

to fifty3dragons:NAAAA TOO MUCH KIND! tnx tnx…hem :blush: blush!!! Well…im in GREAT trouble with closing time!the detail is to hight and the render time too long.I got to cut something here and there.I hope to post the animatic this week.

to GregBear: TNX a lot mr Bear…Im working hard on trailer so the poster is a bit forgiven.Im not sure if i will be able to close with that.I plan to put Patricia running through a “conceptual” version of the road,where the geometric heaps are the wallpaper.Im very interested about the theory behind EON. so I have done some research to know more about it.The idea is to crate a poster that blend between the human aspect of the novel and
the scientific side of it.All done in 70’S illustration style.

to TheFirstAngel:Im a bit embarrassed…well…gosh…tnx! Tnx a lot! what can i say…doing this trailer i felt the potential for a cg movie…god…is perfet to be done in 3d…just like sky captain.Did you seen it?

to opentarget:Thank you for your kind comments,im happy to read this.today i will post a lott of stuff.some grat models from Jimmydog!

to stripe:TNX A LOT. I hope to keep it up


Satellite model from JIMMYDOG!!! wow m8 this guy rox!
now i will proceed with detail and textures add,and jimmydog will animate it.hope you like it!


Hey OZ…

The satellite looks very nice and it does feel like its form is from the current age (the events in the book take place in 2005 eitherway) so it will fit quite fine into your whole concept and visualisation so far:thumbsup:…

Just one question… How long do you intend to make your trailer entry? Since all or your models look very detailed, I hope you have a renderfarm lying around somewhere…:scream:

Will be checking back regulargly for updates… Good luck with the challenge…


Plant with a bit taller trunks for the library. Look how big they are compared to your people and when was the last time you saw a true shrub that size?

But the archy is very regal and magnificent.

[EDIT] oops just saw the post of the semi final library a few above this and even though the plant still seems a bit big for it’s family, it looks better.

How about a modernistic geometrical sculpture and/or fountain in the plaza? hehe :wink:

[second edit] also there is quite a bit of useless space in that satellite. why would nasa/esu/russian enginners put so much wasted material into those trusses? they serve no purpose and would therefore never exist in real life.


Nice work, interesting how it’ll look in space.

Keep on !!!


Hi guys! Tnx a lot to everyone posting here.Having chat with you is one of the best side of the jobe.Here a post one of the firs “very close to final” render.This scene take place on heart orbit,where a satellite fall in the “stone” shadow.
This is the last week on pre visualization and storyboarding.
This weekend the final soryboard will be edited with rought audio in animatic form.(gosh…forgive my english…so hard to explain what we are doing here! ^_^).
After a month long per project period,im very tired…but the hard part start now.Next week i got to record audio and music tracks to animate.The sound fx comes later.
now some image


Here sone extra panels to add in the satellite scene.I have to finish today and run the renderfarm (3 pc…sob)working.