Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


Oz: Hey dude I’m late in your thread:), Awesome job. You are doing it so fast. Character modeling looks real cool.
Great start on environment. Hey Jimmydog great job Dude:thumbsup: Nice job on vegetation too.

All the best guys for this challenge:thumbsup:


Hey, welcome to JimmyDog! Great pics from him. You guys are really blowing the roof of in terms of detail. What software are you using for landscape and foliage?


Wow, great bunch of work so far. I don’t have any crits or suggestions and it looks like you don’t need any, You are rockin! I can’t believe how much good stuff you have already done. I am looking forward to seeing how the trailer works out. Cheers, good luck.


For a group of guys who haven’t read the book your doing a really good job. Welcome jimmydog to the challenge. Nice trees by the way. :thumbsup:


tankyou so much for the welcome , this is my first one post in this fabulous forum, and I am much happy for this.
fifty3dragons:For the land I have made a little test with “terragen” while much of the plants are modeled in 3dsmax, textured with procedural mapping for much of them and some bitmap for the foliage, and render with mental ray.
ah , please, forgotten my English , is much rusted:blush:,( google translete help me for this :))
I know that the great OZ will be absent for the next week , so i hope to to maintain alive this tread with some ather test


I’m looking forward to the shot with the boy in the field watching the big rock.
Quite a dramatic sight, you really nailed that one.

Good luck:thumbsup:


Yep. Shapin up into a must see trailer! Nice work on Patricia. Cool rocket and land.


wow, tons of work mate! this simply is amazing! wowies! great models, love the shot of her face, and great work on th environments. i can almost see it running already, can’t wait to see the first animated shots! keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock::wip:


Hi Oz
H$ey if you need 2 hands a keyboard and a mouse for help you can ask to me too!


Looking good Oz, keep it up. I like the plants. They have a nice cartoony feel to them. In a good way!:applause:


this is an idea of the train that allows of postburned along the asteroid,
there are some details still to end


IM BACK!!!wow guys…i miss this place!!!:scream:
And a see that everyone does a great work on his own thread!!
I was away to work on some non cgi related things…so sad!..but,this week give me the time to read the book (tnx for it jimmydog!!) and so,change a lot of things on the original version of the trailer.
So,i will post some new concepts this afternoon.
and…TIME TO REPLY TO MY FRIENDS HERE! I miss you guys!



Here there are a couple of concepts for a generic satellite and the interior of V/STOL


Welcome back OZ!!!

More good concept stuff. I like the detail on the satellite. Can’t wait to see you model it. And speaking of models, that train is fantastic. I love the lighting. Is that straight from the render, or did you do some post work on it?


to Jedi-Juice: Tnx for ur comments M8! well…im very luky because in this particular period i have just closed a big project so i have not so much to do till jan.2007!!! :scream: yessss…

to fifty3dragons:I have to admit that i work on the trailer 18 hours per day and 7 days per week! :twisted: geeee…
differently I could not achieve that level of detail…
About the discrepancy between concept and 3d models…well.I was done a lot of 2d and 3d pre vis material untill i read the book.So all the material was not presentend in a chronological correct succession. (god! i hope my english is correct!!!)
Now that i have read the novel im about to reconcept a part of the old stuff and redraw some storyboard tables.You will probably see a lot of new stuff in this week as the train by jimmydog…He have done a strong job and will animate a part of the train scene.the train model is near to be completed,but not the animation…anyway,soon,we will post the very first animated stuff.Tnx 4 ur posting! your support hepl us!

to Tenacious:OW TNX MAN! uuuuffff…there are a lot to do on patricia…still a lot to do.Im not happy about her face…and the firs rig tests give me not the response i hope.the procedural skin,slides on the model…ummmh…yes a lot to do.Tnx and compliment for your brilliant work!

to targus:TNX 4 UR encouragment Targus!..im now a bit scared about how much work i have to do.I want a “without compromise” trailer…and…i face now the first strong problems like the actors voices and the music.I need it to animate and final script is not done.Gosh! this week will be like dancing in the hell!

to Henrikl: Tnx man! yess i will post a lot of concept stuff…the “definitive” one! i mean,it will represents the things as it will appear in the final trailer…hem… i hope so.

to madshooter:TNX MAD…Nice to see you here!


To soapy:TNX SOAPY!!! and i hope do bring more good stuff (you are just too kind to us…:blush: )
Anyway…if we survive to this…sweet nightmare…ta da da daannnnnn…

to General Midi:AH! TNX! eeehh…in that scene i have taken a difficult decision…the stone is far more close to the planet than in the novel is… I dont like to change to much stuff…but it is a cool scene…so i decide to put ti inside…Hope people will like it…is very dramatic…i love it!

to userBrian:Did you like patricia!? Happy to read it! Tnx and come back again!

to TheFirstAngel:GOSH! tnx…how to say…TNX!

to Carlocki:TNX! If i will need i will ask!!! TA DAANNN!!!:twisted: :twisted:


fifty3dragons: tnx a lot , i see your concept and is fantastic too. and…:love:.i’m in love for the Frant…:love: I do not see the hour that it realizes .

For the image the much work is the render but I have played in this image with photoshop with a little color correction and brighness/contrast , this help me to clear the idea for the effect to use in the final render.

i see much of the other Thread , i 've a 56k modem in my house so I must be much patient and mind zen when do that , but I never seen many great artists all together , i find a new world ,and i’m really really happy for that. so good rock to all:beer:




Great sketches, you are moving fast! The v/stol and the cityscape designs look good, very appropriate. I am looking forward to seeing them built and textured, I know they are going to look great after seeing that rocket.


here…some tests on the bibliotheque in thisledown city…I point to a minimalist architecture.
i will add some detalis more but the structure will remain,more or less,like it is,right to follow the novel suggestions about the whole style in chamber 3.