Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica




Beautiful work! I like the lead you are taking in getting stuff made and out there!

pix :.


Absolutely stunning. Beautiful shots. I’d love to see a mini-tutorial on how you put together that scene if you do get the time to put one together. I’m doing my trailer totally 2D, but I’m very interested in 3D stuff, and especially how to integrate the two.

I can see already that the standards are going to be high for the trailer challenge. :slight_smile:


This stuff rocks!



I was hesitating about joining this part of the challenge (making a trailer that is…) and thinking about how it would be cool to make some sort of drawn animatic but I have to admit that when I saw your work I was a little bit intimidated. Never tought anybody would go this far in detailing their work! Anyway, nice job and good luck



a new test on chamber 4…better than the first but still not ok…and more coffe cups go on!!!..o night sweet night!..and coffe…how can i survive without coffe?


Wow if this is just pre-vis, Im scared to see the real thing.
Nice work!


well aren’t i intimidated! :thumbsup::smiley:


Good job Fabio and good luck for challenge


to PixelMinion:Tnx…Not easy sometimes…:smiley:

to fifty3dragons:Blending 2d and 3d works great!! And is a very interesting field of experimentation.I agree with you about mixed media interest!
I will try to post a minitutor about the rocket launch.

to Carlocki: YESSSS! Carlocki is here!!!:buttrock: tnx a lot my frient…is ever nice have you here and talking from time to time! hope to see your new renders soon as possible!

to foane:nnna! too much! there are true monster out there,in the illustration challenge! amazing details and designs! anyway im doing my best and i very happy people like it.
so join the challenge! i saw your works in the past…and it is cool.

to Taxman9:yes…only the russian rocket is going to be final in the way you can see in the second image of it.The rest is under refinment…soooo hard…uff uff uff…
TNX A LOT…words like yours HELP ME A LOT!

to mitchelhunt: HE HE HE HE HE HE HE!tnx…:rolleyes:

to MediaCyborg: TNHANKS… truly!


Patricia update: the hand and part of the arm.The skin shader is semi definitive.


WOW! :bounce: Impressive stuff you have hear.

I would have never thought someone would have the time to put in so much detail into the trailer challenge. I hope you finish on time because I really want to see the finished product.

Looking forward to seeing the complete Patricia. Good luck. :thumbsup:


I’m with Jedi-Juice, Oz. I find the level of detail you’ve been able to achieve for this astounding. Very nice pic. Keep up the good work!


Oh OZ. You sneaky little man you. Posting such fine work as this. LOL. :eek: Thats a nice looking hand mate. Can’t wait to see the rest of it. :bounce:


body update


Man… you are real master, i think you’ll make a read perfect looking trailer. Everything loks just perfect.

Good story board, i think you can make story real eye candy. So fast and so pretty looking models, you are working very fast.

A lot of scenes, objects and animation… you have a lot of work to do but i think you can do it. Keep on working !!!


Looking good man. I like how the model’s coming along and the skin shader looks great. Nicely lighted, very cool effect.:thumbsup:
More concepts and storyboards would be nice though.


Geesh, Oz, you’re leaving the rest of us behind :slight_smile:

More good stuff. I note that a number of the concept and pre-vis stuff you’ve posted don’t appear in your rough boards. Have you nailed down your shots yet, or are you more concentrating on modelling right now?


Im proud to introduce you my friend jimmydog.
He will help me in trailer challenge.
Here there is his first post.Some plants for chamber4 and a couple of land models.
As you can see the guy knows how to do his job!
He is also working on different technical aspects of the trailer,as the final composite for exaple.
for any comment or question about this post ask to jimmydog! ENJOY


More Jimmydog green stuff! He did a great work on that plants,helping me to achieve an Hi level of detail about vegetation.
AND…H E F I N D T H E B O O K ! !

YEAH!!! we got it! tnx to him we got it! and now we got a lot to read and retouch about the original stuff done for this trailer!
Ow guys…is damn funny!