Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


Come On! Where are you folks? :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Little more than an hour to go…accelerare amico :bounce:

Hope I got the Italian right :wink:


Only 20 minutes! You can do it guys!! Your fans eagerly await!!! :thumbsup:


Oh wow…what is holding you up?


Hey guys, this is from Mibus on page 21 of the FAQ page today:

Not sure what the hold up was/is, but keep rendering and get that trailer put together. You may still have time to get your entry in before they close it off completely. We’re all pulling for you! :bounce:


OMG Fabio! We don’t know what happened, but if you don’t get it done we would be so sorry!
I tell you we all are really waiting for your entry and it is such a suspence! You’ve been pushing things up douring this challenge, both delivering really high quality work and encouraging everyone to do his best. We would really like to thank you personally for your efforts and inputs. Hope to see you soon bro!


What happend man? I will be really sorry if you will not post the final.Come on man !



THE TRAILER WAS DONE! it was far to be perfect but it was done…due to stupid servers error here where im…the trailer was not be uploaded in time…never had work so hard never felt so bad…oh guys!

:cry: :cry: :cry:


Fabio, you’ve seen the post from fifty3dragons above??? See that you mail to Mibius about your issues, perhaps it is still possible to upload the trailer…! Crossing my fingers for you!



ARRGGhhh i’m crossing my fingers too !! i want to see your trailer in the final page !


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Oz! What the f**k happened!?



guys you made me happy anyway!! check the link to watch the trailer…is a bit bad compressed but gives an idea anyway…i will post somewhere the TRUE complete trailer in hi quality.
Hope you like it! thx again and a lot with all my soul for your fantastic attention to this thread and the big encouragment! It EVER helped me during this 3 month rush! a lot of stuff was missing in this trailer version.i got 48 of 52 original shots and only 30 are in the trailer upoaded.
I have to express my compliments to everyone here…doing a trailer is a very hard job…in many ways can be considered harder than making an entire movie…and you all have shown a great capability to manage a so hard progect coming out wiht brilliant and interesting stuff.
…and now…SHOWTIME!

…i wish to be with you till the end of this fantastic experience.

THANK YOU…sincerely.

desperadOZ…but not too much.



Hey, your trailer is one of the best…I’m really sorry you didn’t post the final.


:cry: oh guys! TNX A LOT! bwaaahaaa…you give me reason to be happy anyway…the human side is the very best part of this place…tnx a lot.
Im curious now to see your final!!



I think you can write the administrators and post your trailer, they will understand you, excpecially if you have support from us. You’ve got it from me! Your trailer must stay in the final page, I will write the administrator too, all of you, gyus, do it!
OZ, you deserve it, so keep up!


:bowdown: :love: :slight_smile: …no words…Thank…


Yes.I agree,your work should be here.I’ll send too an email for let you post the trailler.


I have send a email to the administrator. Good luck man!



It would be a CRIME if your trailer wasn’t accepted due to CGSociety server problems. Fantastic work, fabio.


i guys, this contest it has been one great experience for me.
This night, when oz said me that is not successful to send the trailer, my heart for a few istant stop it , and i’m nearly sure to have seen the ‘EON singolarity’ to cross my room:eek:
Anyway i seen really really great job so good luck to all participants:beer:, and i’m crossing my fingers too in the administrator’s rules…:deal: !