Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


Looks really good. One crit though, the flare from the blast would occur after the ring shaped blast nad would spike in intensity as the cap blew away. The blast does originate inside the stone.


This looks good in all, but I’m sorry, I need to crit this also :smiley:
If the overal feel in picture is realizm, then it’s only fair to assume that it abides some laws of physique, in this case at space - darwinism. -->

When an object in space achieves a directed relative motion - it stays with that motion forever without slowing down untill re-affected by an alternative outer force.

You need to decide which of the pieces gets this motion from the blast, or is it both.
The smaller fragment in this case clearly needs to exit the scene like the other debris if indeed applied as much force. It would seem now that this given volume of blast would destroy the stone completely - besides it would look much better with the applied laws and if timed like BC1967 suggests.



What a beautiful animation! It’s great to finally see your stuff come to life!!!

Two minor questions I thought of: 1) given the overall scale, there’s something about the speed of the explosion that makes the asteroid feel smaller to me than the several hundred miles it actually is. Would we expect more of a long, slow blast like that of a nuclear bomb from a long distance? 2) there’s a light reflection on the Earth just after the main flash that makes the planet look really small and close. At that distance, would light reflect off the Earth at all (in any noticeable way)?

But as for the “cool” factor (which must always be accounted for), this one is definitely a fabulous looking shot! Your animation is certainly living up to what the still images have been promising. Great job!!! :thumbsup:


im so glad to see you posting animation! it looks amazing!


Stunning scene!!! happy to see finally your animation, we love so much the lighiting on the moon and on the stone too.
Just one crit. the render of the earth in the background it’s a little bit flat.
But is a very minor crit.
Great work bro!!! :thumbsup:



this shot looks great fabio… only crit is that after the explosion, the burning part of the rock looks like its kind of bloody… more on the still than in the video… other than that just great work…


UGH!!! i got 1000 things to fix in this animation!! mmmh…i have to conside to trash it out from the trailer!:wink:
mmh…my target was to have a spectacular explosion for the end of the trailer…so i have paid attention to the overall effect.
some parts of the animation are 2d…as the earth…so it have a flat effect.I taken a look to space photography and i noticed that planets or satellites as the moon,when are seen by great distances looks flat. so i have done earth in the same way.
about the eplosion in the specific…there are things that i dislike also…i give 100 point to fifty3dragons!:thumbsup: because the bigger fault in asteroid explosion is the sense of wrong dimension by the fragment speed.
the flare occur a couple of frames after the asteroid “crack”…but that crack is invisible in y animation…my fault! orgh! :sad: …mmh…i hope to fix other aspect of it…for example …the bad blue flat colour on the plasma ring…
tnx to you all guys for your attention and comments to this thread!!!


my friend V/stol…some detalis to add and it will be finished…


Fantastic model as always! Lovin’ the engines: very much anime style!

Please don’t wipe out the asetroid sequence just because you have to fix it :cry:!!! It’ok bro! It’s a great shot! plz dont do it!


Hey yeah, I’m with ThE-ShiFT guys on this one. Don’t dare toss out that asteroid animation!!! :cry: It’s really great, one of the best shots in the competition for sure. I’m sure people’s comments were just to help put the polish on it if there’s time. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still top notch animation. It’s a damn fine shot as is and deserves it’s place in the trailer! You guys rock!! :thumbsup:

Edit: btw, the VSTOL looks great too!


Brilliant modelling oz, as always. Just a thought, how do you load cargo into it? From the back? Never mind though. It looks cool!


semifinal version of patricia.Need a bit of attention on minor details on eyes and some work on hairs/head.


Software: 3ds max

OTV 37 fly to the stone…one of the first shots done for this trailer

Play Video >>


Wowsers, OZ - excellent stuff in the making here! Very impressive shots.
Now hurry up with the final assembly, deadline looms :wip:


Software: 3ds max

This is one of the first voices taken for the trailer

Play Video >>


AUUWWrrgh…im superextramega tired…bed is only a dream…ando coffee is my best friend now!
while jimmydog is working on a difficult “dialogue” scene between lanier and a misterious character…im on final steps of the title…this is an early colour test…im still not sure of this colours.


Software: 3ds max

This is the voice track on the first part of the music.

Play Video >>


It’s coming to life, OZ!!! Keep the coffee flowing! The narrative is nice and clear enough, and the music sounds promising as well. Just think, a week from now you’ll thank yourself for every extra second you poured into putting the polish on this project. It’s a great piece of work, and you’re nearly done. Keep going!!! :bounce:


i agree with fifty3dragons… just coming by for a friendly nudge in the back… finish this… its just great…


Yepp, only 9 hours and 24 minutes left so KEEP ROCKING !!!
I can’t forgive you for having more hits than us :wink: