Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


To spire:Tnx again man! your words ever help me and jimmydog to close this work better we can.

to fifty3dragons:GREAT TNX TO YOU! :scream:
MMh…well…the motion blur fx or dof is a camera effect rendered directly in max.I got three type of motion blur in max and i use both of them combined in different ways depending by the scene. About engines fx,it is not particles in this case.The engines are rendered by a multilayered glow effects.Again is a set of filters that are into max core.
anyway…i use different techniques to achieve the effect i need.Sometime i draw frame by frame effects in paint programs,to make an animation with it in a second time,than i put everything in max as a animated map.


Cool lightning. Keep up the good work.


Thank’s you too for support, I like this render of Larnier. Which is your discontent about it?


Hey Fabio,

I don’t know what you all require for the trailer entry but you have alot of cool work .:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Your character modeling looks very good as do your ships and storyboards.
Great stuff and good luck.


hey buddy!

this is marvellous stuff! :eek: :buttrock: really love the storyboard :eek: the ship design is fantastic! plus ur charater modelling is freaked out amazing! whoa! so much to look at man! love em all!

cheers to mate! :beer:

wishing ur team the very best of luck! :thumbsup:

god bless ya all!


Hey Fabio!

No suggestions or crits from me, I’m just too impressed about the amount of wonderful work you’re showing here:thumbsup: ! Everything looks great so far and I’m sure with the extended deadline you will also bring Lanier to your liking…So just a little cheering from me and I’m looking forward to the next updates:) …!



you know i really like it before i say it man… great skin shader… keep on it and show us a finished entry…


another light test.


Very good OZ. I like the jacket. But face of the man is little blured for my taste. Look like paiting…


the final scene will perform a different character…not lanier.



Wery good lightning, and model. Rock on!


A almost final version of the “invasion from axis city” scene from Jimmydog!
He have done an incredible job with it…there are a lot of special fx and animations…one of the best shots in my opinion.


Beautiful lighting on the spacesuit. The model, as I’ve said before, is outstanding.

Great work by Jimmydog too. I’m anxious to see his stuff in motion.

Oh yeah, and I like the little lighting guy. Will he make it into the final cut? hehe


TO Henrikl: Tnx m8! mmh…Im not sure I understood you…what did you think? is it too much blurred or not a lot?

to Galaktor:TNX A LOT MAN…you are very kind to us!
Yesh…this challenge is VERY…huge…woohoo…AH,the blur is not in post production.

to coolkonrad:Tnx a lot Peter! Light is a pivotal point in this trailer…and about humans,a good lighting may changes everything.

to mmoir:HUMANS!!! MORE HUMANS! :scream: aaaaaaaah! he he he …i have a lot of little scene to complete before close the 90 sec version of the trailer…some enviroment are HUGE…Alexandria city have many many buildings and they are all different.But humans are a “MUST” and i have still to close the job on it!

to nwiz25:TNX TNX TNX…i was amazed by your work too!

to daWinky:OOh…thank you ! Glad to see you here again! I hope you will be right about Lanier…is one of the pivotal character in the trailer…so…it cant be less than perfect.

to icedeyes:uuff ufff uuffs uuffs…i run i run i run…TNX A LOT M8!

to Bethoven:MMMh…im still not sure o jacket and i cgree with you about the dof.
My problem with clothing is about mapping…i cut the image in that way to hide some big error on it.

to fifty3dragons:the lighting guy IS MEEEEEEH EH EH EH EH EH EH! mmmh puttin it inside may be a good idea…i can use that drawings in alexandria city!!! anyway…im a bit lazy…because i have some animated cuts ready to be post.


more on spacesuit…lighting…and camera tests


Marvelous looking feat!
These details you create on your scenes are quite the dazzling ones.
Characters work very well, good job! :thumbsup:


Love the looks of those last two lighting tests. Extremely sexy looking light!


Pro stuff bro!

The level of detail and sence of realism is truly on its own in this competition. Can’t really give any crit on that. I’m concered though about the whole. Will you guys make it on time, because the tests and renderings promise alot, but I still can’t get my head around the whole. Can’t really picture the whole thing, would be good to see at least a rendered storyboard. Definetly winning material, and I think it would be a huge shame not to see it on the finish line. I don’t know what stages of production you are at, but wish you guys the best luck and may the force be with you :smiley:


ho man, i really can’t wait TO SEE THIS TRAILER !! :scream:
finish him please ! :bounce:

I’m not truly professional for animation, i’ve just made some travelling for Eon, but yours seems to be really hot dude !

do you want a coffee ? i’ve some barils close to me… :scream:


Software: 3ds max


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