Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


Good luck man,the work you have done here is really cool!


iNTO THE 4th chamber…


otv roaring to the stone…uuuh…Im going mad with it! (the entire trailer i mean)


the STONE cracked as a nut!


Hey Fabio great, really great work bro! You know what? Would be nice to meet after this ends…let’s keep up till then!


You make plasma field in After FX or in 3D software?


A simple model for the cross ufo described in eon…


To ittrium:It is done in max.it is a simple circle with an opacity map in multiple layes. :slight_smile:


Yeah OZ,
Some of those last posts are nice.


Just to make sure you know about deadline - moved to 31st. of January!

Bit confused but helpful.


Hi again…Today i want to show you the russian heavy ships.
This shot is almost finished,and take place at the beginning of the trailer.The ships appear at the phrase “Russians believe that we have a weapon up there!” and want introduce the ships that will be back,late in the trailer,during the attack to the stone.How did you think about it?


Standing ovation Fabio!!! BBBELLISSIMO!!! :buttrock::bounce:


TO ThE-ShiFT: TNX A LOT! i apreciate a lot your comments…you know that i also love your superb work.And…will be very nice and interesting to meet after eon and discuss about cgi and more! i can’t wait for it!!

to igorstshirts:Tnak you again! i hope do to better…im not so satisfied.

to Oweron:OH M8!!! this is a AMAZING news! woah!!! this will change everything! I now CAN STOP DRINKING COFFEE every half an hour!!! geee…a bit of relax!..cgi humans kills me!

to Jimmydog: Hey m8…great smoke fx in the X ufo scene!!! it ROXX!!!


As I have say it earlyer , only 2 words: Great Job! the texture ,light and I guess most of all the level of detail wich is really amayzing,man.
Wish you luck.
Regards ,Spire.


First half of the final scene of the russian attack to the stone.


Well, I don’t know how many ways there are to say “I’m speechless” but I think I’ve used all of them looking at this thread. What a professional looking trailer your team is putting together. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the “making-of” from you guys!!! :slight_smile:

A question: I’m curious about the blur effect in several of your shots. Is that simply something that happens as your render out the shots, or is some/all of it post work you do in another program? I’m very interested to know how such a look is acheived. Also the engine blast on nthe Russian heavy lifters. Is that post work or some sort of particle effect?


Even though we had to give up on this (huge) challenge, I still come back on a regular base to check out what OZ is up to :slight_smile:

I really hope you make the deadline, you have real good chances in winning this one (which is my opinion…for the protocoll) and you surely would deserve it.

But so do some other brilliant works on this forum…so keep up your impressing work!


Looks cool oz. But I would suggest easing up on the motion blur. Although it’s hard to say from just a still…


I suppose the blur was done in post production. If not, Henrik’s right…


A light and color test on Lanier version 3.
Im now on version4…im still not satisfied by characters…