Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


Those last few renders are pretty nice OZ. Good motion blur on the claw… Curious to see how it will hold up when composited into your scene… Good luck.


Beautiful images! I love the snake-like/spinal arm of the claw.

I’m curious, how long does it take to render those images. And do you anticipate render-time being a problem near the end? Your stuff is so wonderfully detailed, I’m wondering how long it’s going to take to actually get the whole thing rendered. Are you doing a full 90 seconds?


Nice claws, oz. Reminds me of Doc Oc in Spiderman 2. Keep em comin…



Hey Fabio,

always a pleasure to go through your latest updates, much to discover! I like your vision of the Frant, very promising and I’m eager to see more of it:thumbsup: …About the renderings of the “Great Death”…hard enough to see one of my favorite cities blown up here, but I hope you don’t even think of blowing up your home town:scream: , I definitely love Florenz and I’m a little envy to imagine that you actually live there:D …
Great design of the claw thing and I can’t wait to see the certainly stunning animated scene…I cross all my fingers that your still in your time plan!:bounce:

Keep up the great work and a nice and creative day for you!



Back on characters…lanier head model…there is a lot of stuff to do! AAAARRRGG!


Looks a little more maskulin than our Lanier :slight_smile:
But is he bold? :slight_smile:


The real EON entry


Hey OZ… great work man… Lanier has a very “Are you talking to me?” expression on his face :scream:… Also i really love the claw man… keep us posted


More great models. Hard time of year to get stuff done, but I hope you’re finding the time. This one has to finish!!! :bounce:


I totally love all your work you’ve got here!!!Nothing to say!


Great modelling and texture!!! Waiting to see more!

Best regards,


Nothing to crit.
I was just enjoying the beauty of stills, and now waiting for trailer impatiently.
thx for nice art.


Hey OZ, time is running up, don’t give up, come on you should do it !!!


HI GUYS!so…less than a week 4 this fantastic challenge.I taken a look to your works,and everyone have done a cool job…many different styles on the same story…interesting and funny…and amazing too.
Well…im still not sure if we are able to close the challenge in his 90sec version.anyway,we surely (sure? ^_^) may close the 30sec version.now is time to post updates.Let start with semifinal lanier skin.
enjoy…and…best wishes for 2007 and eon of course.


Looks good. Perhaps a bit heavy on the bump map. Otherwise: brilliant as always, oz.


I don’t have much time to look every post and today I looked everything from this post. WOW!

Hey, OZ, I have to admit you are doing a Great job. Everything looks professional I wish to see some video rendered and I hope you will finish on time!

Our team (Mihail Popov) also have some problems with the time, but we hope we will finish.

Good luck in 2007!


Hey OZ, great to see your team is still working hard!! Great image you posted. I’m sure even a 30 second version will blow us away :thumbsup:


Astronaut discovering the stone.


All i have to say is that you have done some amazing work especially on Lanier’s texture… I was wondering when you were going to post an update…

Great work man:thumbsup:… I just cant wait for the final…


to Henrikl: :slight_smile: tnx 4 the comments. about the claws and lanier.Well…yes u are right…too much bump on lanier face.I got to set a better skin shin.Map,than decide how much bump give to it.

to daWinky:So you know florence!?..:slight_smile: Yes…florence is a nice city to live in,but im from Genova…that is on the sea…and…god i love it and i feel there are no place better for me!But…my cgi work take me away from my hometown to Florence and Rome.Tnx 4 your comments…very gentle…forgive my english!

to coolkonrad:he he he he he …no no…not bold!hehehehe…i put the hairs as the last thing.
I have already done it…but i want to post the final…and not the wip (very punk like!he he he)…i admit not to be a fur/hair plugin expert.

to icedeyes: HE HE…yes…u are right! it looks really as he say that! The final lanyer is more unespressive.

to fifty3dragons:TNX MAN! you are always so kind! well…i really hope to finish the 90 sec version.Me and jimmydog like it a lot.We have work a lot on the direction of the trailer.The cut of the scenes…the meaning of the story and the sound…mmh…we decided to complete the 90 sec version anyway…

to OKMER: HEEEE TNX! happy to read no bad crits!! HE HE…:scream:

to spire: TNX M8! I hope you like our new images!!

to AIR: Thank to you!!! ur comments hepls us to close di fantastic but even super hard challenge.

to targus: YYEEEESSSS…damn…you are right!you are soooooo right!..run run run run run run run run run…

to shearerludmil: SO GGOD LUCK TO YOU AND THE TEAM TOO! making a true professional looking trailer in only 3 month,modeling or shooting everyting from zero…is very very hard!
for everyone…


Hey! Don’t stop!
I’m work without team, and my problems with the time are incredible!
But even in my situation, I hope I can finish my work.

OZ, your team is one of my favorits in this challenge!
Good luck for all!!