Eon (Trailer) Entry: Emiliano Colantoni


Hi everybody! And thank you all for your inputs!

@ fifty3dragons: thank you soooo much for your time and patience to sit and write all those precious comments! We really appreciate your inputs and will surely work on the things you’ve pointed out, like the footsteps sound and the Frant looking too rigid (this last one is already under maintenence ehehhe).
When you hear the countdown, that’s only in english, the russian part is Mirsky remembering the orders he was given by a Russian general. But the subtitles will surely clearify these things.
The audio issues are strange, cause here we hear everything perfectly, as some other else has pointed out. But anyway we will lower the music a bit in those dialogue parts.

@ ittrium: thanks a lot! The particle effect is a previously rendered, heavily manipulated, fractal animation that we mapped onto a simple cylinder, and furter manipulated in comp.
The fractals have been generated with Fractal flames, a fantastic free piece of software able to create animated fractals. check this out: http://flam3.com/
It also works as a plugin for The Gimp.

@ Thaldir: LOL the picture you’ve described here made our day for sure! Thanks a bunch for your support! We’re going to insert subtitles for sure, that was already planned, but now we know it’s a must.

@ shearerludmil and Bethoven: thanks for your comments too! the music has beens completely writen start to end for this trailer from David, a member of our team. He plays in a band, has the passion for sound engineering, and of course has his own self made in-house (seriously) recording studio. Anyway I think he used some sample for the chorus.

@ zer05um : thanks a bunch for your contribution! We are already working on the Frant to fix his rigid look. Unfortunately we can’t afford revising that shot of mirsky from the tracking stage as this would mean re-track, re-render and re-comp everything. But anyway thanks again for pointing that out: we’ll fix it for our reel.

@ DMarkwick : man thanks for your comments! We would have loved having you in this team, you know? Everytime I take a look at your shot I’m amazed by the sense of immense scale you’ve been able to render. Full stop.:bowdown:

@ targus: thanks a lot to you too for taking the time to give input and constructive criticism. As already said the audio seems to be OK on our side, but we’re going to lower it a bit anyway cause this will broaden the chance to be perfectly heard anywhere.


You’re very welcome.

This is a simply stunning piece of work guys. Bravo!


Glad I could be of some help. :slight_smile:

I should clarify my comment on Patricia’s narration: I can hear her and understand what she’s saying okay, but it just seemed to me that her voice is slightly lower in volume than the other actors, especially at the point in her narration where it shows the book she’s reading from. I just listened to it again and I’m still convinced of it (the more so since everyone else’s dialogue sounds fine). But it’s a very minor shift if it is indeed there. If it needs any change at all, it would be a very, very small one. But go with your instinct. I’m the newbie, remember? :smiley:


NOW do you see why I don’t post crits? I simply think it is awesome dude! ThE-ShiFT RULES!


Wow… that is just simply put… AMAZING!!! Nothing to crit, fifty3dragons has explained it all.


As I said before: Professionals! :thumbsup:
Only small tweakings here and there and it’s a winner.
Ground breaking work! :applause:


On the off chance you have time to field another question, I wanted to ask about compression. You guys have such a clean looking video (and at only 12MB). I’ve been having trouble getting ours to come out quite that clean. Any suggestions/tips on settings? I’m using Premiere Pro 2.0 and rendering directly to .flv format. If you don’t have time to answer, no worries. We’ll get it as smooth as we can. Just figured it couldn’t hurt to ask a group that obviously knows what it’s doing. :slight_smile:


Glad to help Fifty3…we are compressing first to .mov with the animation codec (pretty much a RLE compressor) and then reconverting to FLV via the Riva encoder.
Go get it here:


we use 640*480, 1000 Kbps, 25 F/s as we work in pal, deinterlace off, audio is a minor issue here so the deafaults are working good, though we will increase the sampling in for our final version.

Hope this helps


Hey, wow, thanks very much for the quick response. That actually helps a lot. Much appreciated!


Your film and 3D combination produced an amasing result , I’m sure you’ll be one of the winners. Congratulations!


this could easilly stand as the trailer for the actual movie… i have said enough… just great work…


Hello ! A long night is going to come hehehe! We are working on titles and CC and I’m sure it will last to the morning!
This is one of two shots we added to complete the biblioteque sequence.
Keep up everybody ! :smiley:

Play Video >>


It’s over !!! Finally we finished !!! We would like to thank everybody on this forum who has taken the time to share point of views, give advices, and encourage douring this challenge. It’s been a tremendous effort and fantastic learning experience for us.
A special thanks has to go to all of our friends who gave their support both with advices, critiques and for their EXTREME patience to stand near us (SImonetta & Silvia ;).

So, Cheers and good luck to anyone!

ThE-ShiFT team

Software used: Softimage|XSI, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Logic.

Play Video >>


On the top of my wich list is a blue screen studio. Can we borrow yours?
So I guess you have had a long night to :slight_smile: Best wiches to your team!



LoL! if you want I can give you my ex boss cell phone! We borrowed that screen too :wink:

BTW Thanks a lot and best wishes to you too!


I’m showing your trailer to everybody i meet guys.

All of them do the same thing: :eek:



Simply outstanding! What a fantastic entry!!! The imagery, the music, the pacing, everything. Just perfect. It was obvious from the beginning with your great concept art that this one promised to be special, and it has most certainly lived up to that promise. If I had simply stumbled across this on a website somewhere, I would now be eagerly anticipating the actual movie.

My personal thanks as well for answering the many question I asked during the challenge and for your willingness and generosity in sharing your knowledge.

I see a very bright future ahead for your studio. Your already putting out stunning work. I wish you the very best. May you have many, many fruitful years of bringing great stories to life.


STUNNING! I just…i jus I have to grab my mouth from the floor . 100% Full prof . Really amazing work! good luck


What a GREAT job!bravo, hats off to you:thumbsup:


Congrats making it to the finish line!
Not a moment too soon. :slight_smile: Definetly worth it! Really excellent overall look and feel! Good luck with the studio, by the looks of things you guys really have what it takes.