Eon (Trailer) Entry: Emiliano Colantoni


The winner right here, most conistent and cinema quality entry in the contest.


I’m really impressed by how seemlessly you composite your actors into the scenes. The shot of the astronauts exploring the stone is a great example. You guys could actually make the whole movie. :slight_smile: Love the “apocalyptic” shot too. Does it use just three planes, or are there more? And are any of the buildings actual models, or is it all matte paintings/photographs? Very well done.


Sorry for having missed this question! This is how things are right now: no, we are not a studio at all, but that’s exactly what we want to enstablish.
As we mentioned in an earlier post two of us, Emiliano and Gianfranco, just fired themselves after having worked for seven years in a small shop here in Italy. Our desire to be on our own was growing to the point that we decided to do it.
We asked our ex boss if we could use his stage (as a last present) and he’s been really kind to let us use it (thanks Sergio for this).
So, from January the first we are on our own and we are going to found a shop right after this challenge ends.
We needed more stuff for our reel and we were projecting to work on some shot just to make them. Emiliano thought about taking the chance to join the challenge both to partecipate and to have something to put in the reel…and we all are happy he had this idea!
In the beginning of this thread there is the list of all the members of this team, and in another post we also mentioned other figures that kindly offered to help us (thanks to all them again!!!)

@ fifty3dragons : man you’re a great motivating person. thanks a lot! Anyway we really doubt we could even joke about making the whole movie lol.
The “apocalyptic” shot uses 2 planes: the background is a matte paint and the foreground are simple 3D models (plain Phong shading there, not even bump). Plus the elements that actually makes the explosion (a sphere and a disc), and the particles for the mssile trail.
The composite does the melting.


I can only echo the other comments : a magnificent work, absolutely professional.:thumbsup:

Fingers crossed for the judging, but I don’t think you’ll really need it. Looking forward to see the complete trailer.

In bocca al lupo! E complimenti per il magnifico lavoro.


You literally took my breath away!
This work diffuses an enormous and admirable passion.
The best CGI job ever done in Italy in terms of mastering of the storytelling and of the using of the production limits as a strength point.

You know exactly what you are doing and you are doing with an impressive humility and perfectionism.

I’m glad to know you guys.

From London



@ Tiziano: crepi il lupo !!! : ) and thanks for the kind words, we are doing our best ! Complimenti e in bocca al lupo anche a te per la tua bellissima illustrazione!

@ Giacomo: LOL bro! And really thanks for your support! WE…are glad to have you as our fan and supporter ! Soon, you know, we’re going to have nice times together…Emiliano is working on his relationship with planes and things like those hehehhe !

So…We managed to add the helmets to the space suits as these were supposed to be: real suits, CGI helmets.
Due to the tracking issues, we were on the point of dropping this task and leave the suits without the helmets, but the time extension gave us the opportunity to work on them.

The tracking is hand made, these is the result on the sequence n° 015, that was previously posted w/out helmets.

[Play Video >>](http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/eon/player.php?entry_id=76634)


Wow, another great shot! I never would have guessed the actor wasn’t wearing an actual helmet.

Oh, and I was serious about the movie comment! :slight_smile: Maybe not Eon, since you’d need to obtain the rights and I suspect that’s not cheap for a well known work like that, but you could totally do your own independent short film or something and I’d definitely be the first in line to see it. There’s one that just got released on DVD by a group of independents called “The Ore.” From what I can see the stuff your team has turned out here is certainly on par with that. Not necessarily easy to find the time, and you’d want a good script, but hey I didn’t say it would be easy just that I’d watch it!! :scream:

Really great stuff. I wish you guys all the best in setting up your own studio!


every single video is just awesome… great compositing and great to hear you are forming your own studio… keep it up… with this kind of work you wont have a problem getting jobs…:thumbsup:


This is the dialogues track, so be patient please as parts of the file are actually mute.

Play Video >>


if you can finish before deadline than we got a winner here.awesome job!


Every time I come back, your work keeps getting more and more impressive!

I wish I could give you constructive criticism, but for that one needs to have something to be critic about…

I can only say: fantastic work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

(and thanks for the nice words about my entry, folk! :slight_smile: )


fifty3dragons, icedeyes, cgoz, Thaldir…:love::cry: guys we love you all! thank you soo much for your support! It’s really helping us to go ahead…
Lot’s of exceptional entries are around here, so let’s keep pushing towards the end!
We are on our way to post a workflow movie for one of the last sequences and the Initial SFX and Music milestone, which is still a wip anyway. Surely David is going to keep working on it till the last minute. We’re almost done, CGI rendering it’s finished, then we have a week for color grading and bug fixing here and there. Ouffff…I think we didn’t love any other job like this one :slight_smile:


YEAH! no work cool as this on EON! :scream:
I agree with other guys…your stuff rox…in every aspect of the production!!
I mean…im impressed by you project managment!! is hard to put all the things to the end working as it must do!! Seem just your team have skills enought to do this in a unique brilliant way!
Ya rox guys!


this looks very interesting, i cant wait for the final trailer. thump up!


This is a workflow breakdown for our Holmy shot. This was really a pleasant shot to work on. The tracking isn’t 100% perfect but we still prefer going to the end. We hope to find the time to revise the tracking.
Hope you like it ! :smiley:

Play Video >>


Really good work!
Looking forward to see it finished.


I’m already blown away by your work, and here you guys are saving the very best shots until the end!!!

For the skin texturing, did you use the actors own image or use some stock textures and simply match it up? And how long does it take you to do the tracking for a shot like that?


Hey mate that’s a good question! In this case (cause this technique has some limitation) you can actually use a frame from the same footage you’re effecting. You match the 3D over the footage. At that point it’s really a matter of photo-retouching that frame to paint the nose following the modelled shape as a guide, and camera-map that frame over the mesh using a constant shading model (self-illuminating in max I believe).
The effect will render faster than everything else because it’s really a constant material (so no shading at all), and the effect will be as PR as the real footage.

The time to track a shot like that depends on how precise you want to be. It’s really a 2D tracking if you think about it. Anyway the 3D model and the tracking were done in about 5 hours. The tracking took like 2 hours.
This tasks have been done around genuary the 3rd, when we where in such a hurry, that we decided to jump to the next task to get the job done. that’s why we were talking about retouching the effect.


Holy Crap, we have the winner here I think! Great work!


I needed to catch up on all the updates! Great job on the tracking!