Eon (Trailer) Entry: Emiliano Colantoni


Your work is great!! Concept, execution, everything. You are one of my favourites.


Hey guys you’re giving us a lot of energy! Thanks a lot to you all for your feeedback! It’s really motivating us!

Pyke maybe we can put together some picture and stuff about the suit…just lemme find the time to grab stuff here and there from some folder lol…

Bombadillo ! :cry: thanks for your kind words bro…you want us to cry uh? :slight_smile: let’s just hope we’ll have the chance to work together again!


Ok here we are: these are three pics showing Simonetta and Emiliano as they dress Gianfranco. The operation required something like 30 minutes.
One pic shows the back part of the suit: it was made of four plastic-glass holders broken and rebuilt to resemble similar to the original concept. They were then painted with a nice gray metallic paint and filled with four lights that you normally would pin to your book cover to read it at night.
Also the central element derives from the same plastic-glass holders, except for the lower part that was actually a toy sword (I believe…don’t remember exactly).
Everything has been put together by Emiliano’s mother under, of course, his maniacal supervision LOL.
Depending on the time we find the suit shoule be completed with the CGI helmets in the final comps, but firstly we want to finish everything.



other view


The back…


I want to ask you, what camera did you use to shoot the stuff. It seems to be HD or 35mm film, but it could be video with good color correction.

I think it’s HD with 25 Progressive Scan, Square Pixels and very close to film image 1920 1080 resollution lowed to 640 480. If your friend who shooted the stuff is a student in film school it is possible.
For example we shooted with HDV in 1080 720 and lowed it to 640 480 because of the rules of the contest.
Can you give me some info about this?


WOW! guys your work is truely amazing. I would love to get some insite on your workflow…some ‘behind the scenes’ shots or a ‘making of’ article. Truely incredible work!


wow!!! that’s amazing!! keep on guys!
:wink: I can’t wait to see the trailer…


Ok guys thanks again for all your feedback ! We managed to put together a little brakdown of a sequence we’ve just finished…hope you’ll like it.
BTW…sorry for the speed it has, but we compressed the time to avoid bandwidth pollution.

shearerludmil : we used a Sony HDR-FX wich allows to record interlaced high definition video at resolutions up to 1440 x 1080, pretty much higer than the final output of course, but really helpful when it comes to roto-stuffing and keying…We would have loved to shoot @ full HD 25P but what we had in the end was fantastic anyway (Dan thank you a lot bro’ :-)).

Have a nice week everybody!

Play Video >>


My jaw bone dropped again :smiley: Very nice workflow. I hopefuly will have chance to work with such a tools once. Keep going folks! I am your fan, he he.


Yes, I think this is definately one of the contenders for first place here :slight_smile:

Very, very high standards of work is being produced here, hard for guys like me to compete with :smiley:

Are you a professional studio? That bluescreen looks very substantial.


Fantastic run through of your comping I loved it. I so can’t wait to see the whole project complete. Question though, where did you find such a huge nice stage to use?


Thanks for posting that wonderful breakdown! I learned a few things just by watching it play through several times over. It’s a great composite job. Looking forward to the rest.


Great breakdown! Very professional indeed.


Level of commitment and professionalism is truly on its own here. Good chance to learn from the pros. What keyer and tracker did you use, and did you have to resort to rotoing much? If you did, what did you roto with? Anyhoo, hope to see the finished product soon, needless to say, competes in its own category :thumbsup:


Thanks AOK for your comments and interest! You know yours is one of our favourite trailers!
So, we are doing the match moving by hand as those sequences are not really that hard to solve: short duration, no need for contact shadowing (so we don’t have to be 100% precise). Some of the sequences are just nodal pans.
Right now I’m giving a call to our nearest psychiatric hospital, as I’m solving the movement of the spacesuites to add the helmets.:smiley:
We are working in XSI so no need for external keyers or roto tools, and yes, we had to do rotoing due to the white crosses (we should have made them green but this has been a learning process for we too), but we have our Marco who’s committment to rotos is great :wise: (LOL)…


Hi everybody! This is our take on one of the breathtaking discoveries the astonauts make in the stone…hope you’ll like it!

Play Video >>


This is a pretty much apocalyptic vision Emiliano had just a couple of days ago…he wasn’t sleeping enough lol…

[Play Video >>](http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/eon/player.php?entry_id=76584)


These last two scenes… in a word: …PERFECT! :slight_smile:


I love your renders. The colors are great!