Eon (Trailer) Entry: Emiliano Colantoni


The troupers in action!

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Like the camera shake! Motion capture? Hand animated? Software?
Good luck guys!



This will be wery interesting to look at when it’s all done!
Did u see that the end date for the challange had moved to 31 of january!!!
Missed that completely :slight_smile:



Hey guys thanks a lot for your comments! Yes we also spent the last day wondering why the submission clock were showing 21 days to go! That’s an awesome news!!!

The best part of the camera shake in the troopers scene is that it has been disrtibuted on two layers: the troopers and the whall behind (I’m not totally sure because who did that sequence is not here at the moment and I can’t ask) having the wall moving half the space of the other layer, thus giving you parallax…

Keep up guys! 20 days to go!:thumbsup:



This is a set of wips…we hope we can give them more time and attention, but for now we want to finish the whole thing :smiley:

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The Space suit is hand made (in Italy of course)…

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Our vision of Patricia in the biblioteque…

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Mirsky as he reveals the russian “vision” about the stone…

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Love these shots…the essence of mystery is awesome! The live actors are way cool!

Okay- what’s he saying? Just one question-can I light my cigar on his spacesuit? Ha ha- they almost look like mini thrusters!


he’s actually speaking russian… a sentence you can write in this way: это будет только начало…but we don’t want any spoiler do we? :thumbsup:

That guy in the shot is a friend of us who has a degree in russian and obiously jumped at this project. :slight_smile:


LoL ! I didn’t read the cigars question! hehehehehhe they’re mini lights for night readers bought in a chinese shop and are supposed to resemble mini thrusters!


Cool! Sure this isn’t paid for by the tobacco industry? I gotta hell of a cravin’ for a cigar right now! FOUR lighters! Hahaha- great work! Just one question, Which DVD should I rent?


OMG! Do you folks have some other projects in the line with this one? Or did you take this challenge as pretty good way to present your Studio and are working just on this (?) I don´t really see reason why I am still in this challenge, heh :smiley: Very professional job, Show us how the real production should looks like. My compliments. BTW: I am very curious about the list of team in the end. Going to be huge I guess.


Oh…thanks a lot for your comments! Very encouraging!
We’re three people working on CGI & compositing (day & night) and a friend working on the soundtrack. This is our team. Two of us have just fired themselves after having worked as slaves for about 7 years in a small shop here in Italy (LOL). We’re also splitting on some other job of course as we have to start earning something as soon as possible.
One thing we want to be precise with, is that we just asked some friend to help us on the things that weren’t strictly related to the CGI stuff. A friend helped with the photography and another with the shooting. Plus we had our girlfriends going around to buy the most desparate things to build the space suit and Emiliano with his lovely mother Enrica with needle and thread :buttrock:

Anyway Juraj plz don’t say you don’t see reasons to keep on the challenge :). As we already sayd we like your style a lot, and the judgment will consider first of all the storytelling. The technical aspects come after.


CGI SLAVES RULEZ!!!:buttrock:
I work for an half of my life in the same manner!!! heee heeeee…after 4 years of complete lone work i made this team with jimmydog …and is a great experience…And i agree with you about oweron! YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST AND ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MAN!! oweron!go go go go go go!..one of the best thing doing challenge is to make a wil effort to make our best (forgive my english)…Im intimidated by ShiFT Team work…but god…this push me to do better things!!!
I take inspiration by the other guys thread! anyway the stuff posted here are supreme!both in technical and artistic way. My favourite scene is that of patricia in the library…that is completly different from mine.The integration between cgi and live action is very very good.Guys…this is a three month work or less? AMAZING.
well…i cant wait to see more…and to everyone around here…NEVER GIVE UP!

ps:ho apprezzato molto il tuo incoraggiamento agli altri ragazzi…uno spirito che raramente noi italiani sappiamo tirare fuori.Hai il mio rispetto.



@ OZ, @ ThE-ShiFT - No, no folks. I am not giving up at all. As I said in the begining it is mostly personal challenge. To see what I could manage in such a subject nearby school and job ( and family, and gf of course ) in this deadlined enviroment. However, it is matter of decission, but I see now (thanx to your entry as well), that I could be more effective in a team if we thing about all this from the point of challenge with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize list. I am sure you know what I mean, don´t you :thumbsup: So, keep up great progress. Bring up some fresh inspiration!


Wow, I’m totally blown away!!! I haven’t been able to check the boards for a day and look what gets posted. Absolutely beautiful!! This team has impressed me from the very beginning, and yet I’m still speechless with what you’ve been able to put together. Seeing it all come together like this is wonderful. Congratulations on such great work!


Stunning work! I can’t wait to see this all together and with sound!


I expected nothing less from you two.
It’s real you worked like slaves, but you were really good slaves.
They don’t know what they lost. :applause:


Amazing stuff that you guys have put together here! I am very interested in seeeing the suit you guys made…also any insight into how it was actually created.

Inspiring stuff!