Eon (Trailer) Entry: Emiliano Colantoni


EH EH Oweron, no blame at all…it also happen to us many times to miss posts here and there!
Thanks for your words bro, and keep up the good work!..We always enjoy your stuff too: the journey begins had great chars and style and the bird in your xsibase avatar is lovely…that was an animation from you, right?


Some very, very nice models, etc, here. I especially like the texturing on that Russian assult pod. Time is running out, but keep going. I’m really looking foward to seeing this one finished!


Wow, very promisign trailers, nice storyboard, models, concepts… I will keep watching this thread for further updates, at this point it looks very good. I just would change the patricia scene when she holds her hands up, maybe I should shoot her back and them turn her arround when she starts watching the aliens, it would add more sauce… but that’s just me hehe.

Keep it up and good luck to your team!


Good composites!
I see we had little similar viewpoints for camera with the earth scene, :slight_smile: sorry about that.
I really wanna see this in its prime animated form, so keep at it and do a good job!


Hi everybody out there and of course happy new year also! We’ve been busy these days preparing for the shooting and actually making with our hands the necessary props like the space suit, guns and other things. We tried to be as close as possible to the concepts previously posted. This is a picture of the cosmonaut suit (wore by one of our crew).
Let’s go back to work and see you!



Software: XSI

This shot corresponds to the cut number 006 of our storyboard.

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Nice, classic, pretty, serene, timeless…
This shot has the feel of anticipation to it. Good shot.


Hey, nice to see some new stuff from your team, excellent work so far, i´ll hope you´ll make it in time. Cosmonaut suit looks great, even it reminds me of morgan freeman only crowbar missing :smiley: Keep up the good work team The Shift!


This corresponds to the second cut of our storyboard…we’re rendering @ the moment.

See you all ;)!



the last image is very nice… A little too warm maybe but thats a personal preference… Have a happy new year…


Very nice render, the water is great! If you try to slow down the movement of the camera it will look great. Whatever - nice job!


More great stuff here. That shot of the approach across the water is absolutely stunning! Beautiful work. I’ll be very interested to see the suit you’re making :slight_smile:


awesome work so far! I’m subscribing to this thread.


Software: XSI

Ok…now it’s time to start with the pain :wink: just keep up! We’ll sleep at the end :smiley:

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We noticed with our last update that the clips are showing a little bit darker than the originals. In the last one the stone at the end should have been lighter as well as the stars…anyway…maybe we should push up the brightness before compressing in flv.

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Maybe you need to bring some light to the background? Stars/sunLight (rays)?


Well must be really a matter of flv compression because if you look at the sequences as they run in TGA they’re fine and you see both the stars and the stone…anyway the last update we forced the brightness a lot and it seems to be a little better in flv…


GREAT NEW STUFF. It is very professional looking!
I like a lot the lights and how the camera moves in the russian heavy ship scene!
ROCK SOLID WORK!!:thumbsup:


Yea, everything looks perfect and really professional.
Looks like a real shot from a real movie :twisted:

So, keep it going.


Software: XSI

The mission begins…

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