Eon (Trailer) Entry: Emiliano Colantoni


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storyboard _pag_006


storyboard _pag_007


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storyboard _pag_013

This is it. As the story is enormous we focused on the principal aspects of EON.
We are highlighting the discovery of the asteroid, the exploration, the crisis, and the “run-away” to an unknown future, leaving room for the audience to wonder what’s going to happen next.
We focused on the desire to give the audience the most emotive impact possible (for us obviously).
We hope you like it…
Soon we’ll post an animatic with a rough version of the soundtrack.

See you for the next updates.

Namaste and…good luck! ;D

ThE-ShiFT team


Wow! I’ve been totally impressed by your thread, and your latest posts simply reinforce that. I love the concept art, the style, everything. And the boards are very well done, and have a nice logical flow to them.

One very minor thought: I like how the shots of going into Patrici’s eyes both at the beginning and end serve to bookend the entire trailer. But there’s another close-up of Patricia’s eyes on the ninth page (cut 22?), and I wonder if maybe that interrupts those bookends (that is, one too many shots into her eyes), though maybe not as long as it doesn’t go in too close. But as I said, a very minor point and in the end mostly personal preference I expect.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this one come to life. Only one month, but I’m sure your team can do it!


Fifty3 you could be right! We’ll have the real opportunity to check this as soon as we get working on the animatic, then will be a matter of seconds to cut/substitute that shot.
Anyway we know that the pace of the editing at that point in the trailer will be so fast and pressing that the cut we’re talking about will be on screen like a second, a second and a half at most.
We’ll keep an eye on this anyway…thanks a lot!




Hi all, this is the model of the russian assault POD (still a wip, the final version will come up in the trailer)…
Douring this week we’ll post the inistial music…


IS VERY PROBABLE THAT THIS TEAM WINS!!! :buttrock: hey…this stuff rox!!!


Nice character concepts. I like the stylistic approach. I hope that translates in 3D as well. Your trailer looks very ambitious. My only concern, which you probably share as well, is that there are 27 days left and you may have some sleepless nights to get through. Hopefully you’ve finishing up on your modeling and texturing and have started animating. Good luck.




I am not that sure about this mention. I see this project very ambitious, storyboards and style here look just great but time is running. Do you folks have any plans to get real animation into it? Or is this going to be kind of polished storyboards? Keep going :thumbsup: Gonna watch this thread…


Fabio you’re too kind! thanks a lot! We are enjoying the challenge so we’re doing our best, but of course there are other works that rocks, and your one is surely one of them too.
Anyway we all should keep in mind that the final look doesnt really have the heaviest weight for the final judgment in this category. Indeed the story has, as mentioned in the guidelines for the trailer challenge : story is king.

Hi Oweron! We’re not worring about animation just because we’re going to use live action for chars and CGI for enviros :thumbsup:. We stated it at the beginning of the thread an even ahead btw…maybe it wasn’t enough visible. Our shooting is by the end of this month and we’ll have the remaining two weeks to work on the comps.
Of course as RaresHalmagean observes we’re going to have a really intense xmas and some sleeples night too! :smiley: But hey… after all this is as our life has been in the last eight years anyway!!! :rolleyes:

Cheers anyone!



To ThE-ShiFT: Do you know the guys behind “spaceoff” italian shifi short?
ps:Tnx 4 the kind word to me…:scream:


Ah, so live action could be really nice timesaver. I usually looking and not reading, so you can blame me, he he. I thought you are going for full CG production because of your nice character designs. And speaking about Challenge guideline “story is a king” - yes, sure, but we are running CGI challenge so I guess there need to be good visual impact hand in hand with story.
However, your production is great so far. Good luck!