Eon (Trailer) Entry: Emiliano Colantoni






Great updates! I especially like the shuttle model and the shot of it leaving Earth. Very dynamic. And I’m looking forward to seeing your boards.


Great work! That script I wrote in 1999 is actually titled “The Drift”! I just thought of it because I like that spacesuit.


Thanks guys! The shuttle has been thought to split from the wings part right after the atmosphere has been passed. Only the top module moves from there on, and at the end of the mission the two parts mmets again before the shuttle re-enter the atmosphere. This is for re-utilization pourposes.

@userbrain Amazing coincidences!! We are using this name cause it’s a shifting phase for we all in this period. Would be great to know more about your story sometime!

ThE- ShiFT team


Some other updates: Frant.
Douring the modelling session we changed the concept a little bit to give him a stronger look.
It’s a wip anyway…almost finished.


just a concept for Frant.


Woa! It’s the AvsP version of the Frant! :scream:

Seriously though, he looks great. I like the glow on the arm and leg bands. A very unique look. And a nice overall realization of the original concept. Your posted images continue to impress me.

Any headway on the storyboards?


I changed my earlier post because the name of that script I wrote in 1999 is actually “The Drift”. It just happened to have a stinky old spacesuit in it which I was thinking of:scream: !

Great entry…!


patricia concept design


olmy concept design


russian-trooper concept design


cosmonaut-helmet 3d previz…

Hi everybody! Our concept designs are over…we didn’t uploaded the storyboard yet, but it’s finished…it only needs comments beside frames ( we’re keen on pencils, but not that much on pens :smiley: )…Tomorrow we’ll update it, promise!

We’re really loving this challenge as certainly you are!

So see you tomorrow (due to our current time, 4.52 AM, will be today actually!)

ThE-ShiFT team


Very nice! I really like the design and rendering of the helmet!
I’m looking forward to see more! :thumbsup:


I really love the concepts especially Russian trooper :twisted:
So keep on, there is not much time left… and have a good luck.


Thanks guys! We’re fond of the trooper too, he really represent our passion for anime stuff…
We’re going to upload the storyboard…so see you in a second…

ThE-ShiFT team


storyboard _pag_001


storyboard _pag_002


storyboard _pag_003


storyboard _pag_004