Eon (Trailer) Entry: Emiliano Colantoni


Ciao and B R A V O!!!hats off to you guys! enjoy this special moment!!:thumbsup:


Congrats guys :thumbsup:

And keep walking one meter over the ground - it saves heaps of cash too since your shoes will never wear out!


Congratulations…Good Team Work!!! Always pays off.


Congratulations ThE-ShiFT! [font=Arial]I rejoice a lot for you! [/font]

If have to be fair I am a little disappointed from myself, for I know the things could happen a lot better. Your trailer realy is much good and nice for a looking. A very good assemblies and sound. Bravo!

You are won… this time :slight_smile:


Wanted to give the team kudos for a very well done piece.

Congratulations on the win…well deserved.


i love you guys!:love: i’m still waiting for the quicktime, to save it in my: legendary folder! :drool:


YEAH!! Just like the doctor ordered! EXCELLENT GUYS!!
You’re gonna make it BIG!!! :deal:


WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!:bounce: i agree with all my heart!
this is one dose u surely deserved! CONGRATULATIONS TO A GREAT TEAM! :scream::bounce::buttrock::applause:

knockout trailer for sure! my all time fav! :love:

cheers to u guys! :beer:

god bless ya all!


:thumbsup: Great work, guys!


My vivid compliments for the vicotry! I’m also proud about the fact that you’re italian like me!
Very professional work!

Vorrei chiedervi un favore, se possibile: Vorrei dedicarvi un intervista da pubblicare su www.psdrevolution.it , di cui sono co-amministratore, spiegando tutta la vostra avventura
in modo da darvi la giusta visibilità anche da noi.

Ho provato a contattarvi in privato ma non sono riuscito.


Wow, wonderfull fantastic.
But I think you have done everething wrong, you can take one more month and produce a complete film and sell it all over the world.
I’ll buy the ticket. :bounce: :bounce:

We Ragazzi avete fatto il botto! Complimenti!! Il trailer è fenomenale! Va beh il mio inglese fa pietà, comunque si capiva che scherzavo vero? :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats for the well deserved victory!

Keep it up guys, like I said before, you have what it takes :thumbsup:

Alpo / Team Evil Duck


Congratulations. Deserved first place. See you around!


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