Eon (Trailer) Entry: Emiliano Colantoni


Wow… stunning images guys.
Good good good storytelling!
I like Frant very much and his animation ! :buttrock:

Paolo Fazio


great jobs guys
good luck for all your thing



:cry: Hey guys thank you all sooo much for all of you comments! We are really moved by your positive feedback and your encouragement! This community is amazing! :buttrock:
Thanks again and good luck to everybody!

…and of course…CHEERS TO ANYONE!!! :beer:


I’ve seen it about 50 times already now, it’s amazing.


Beyond amazing ! This had better CG quality then even Final Fantasy: the movie …truly a 5 star production !


I demand a high-res Quicktime version! I demand it. :bounce:

You listening? I demand it.


wow, this is really great, the grafics and sound are near perfect.

only one little crit there is, on the russian voices, i dont know who translated over there for you guys, but theres some things wrong:
1. when the subtitle says 'and again, pay attention' the russian text ( 'i ishe ras' ) only covers the 'and again', the 'pay attention'; is missing
2. also 'this is just the begging' , the 'just' is translated as 'prosta' wich is really way wrong in this special term, it has to say 'eto [b]tolko[/b] natchala'. also the speaker has a horrible accent wich is quite common in us movies though, since for some reason in that big country theres not too many people who speak properly russian. well gives it a cinematic touch ^.^

keep up the great work, and perhaps yall find someone who can fix those russian passages for ya ;)


Fantasic work guys! nothing short of amazing :slight_smile:


Hey miguelslo, pogonip, Dervish, Joblh thank you very very much for you kind comments!!

@ miguelslo: LOL! We promise you’ll have it! Be sure!
@ Dervish: thank you a lot for your points…we’ll send them to the person who made the translations (he’s the actor who plays Mirsky BTW) and hopefully we’ll find the time to correct these issues.
Anyway we must admit we’ve been already lucky in finding someone who knew russian!! ehheeheh…



I am myself a more traditional artist but I have a grand appreciation for films and well composed trailers! Gorgeous work, and though some folks here are saying the Russian accents are a bit off…the ironic thing is, they are actually a hundred times better than MOST Russian accents in Hollywood films. Two thumbs up, very engaging trailer. Best of luck to you guys and thanks for the piece.


:applause: Awsome!! Congratulations!:thumbsup:
As said above… very professional.



Congratulazioni ragazzi! Un magnifico lavoro è stato riconosciuto come merita!

Congratulations!! A magnificent work has got a very much deserved reward!:thumbsup:


WOW!!! Congratulations The Shift!!! I wish you the all the best!


sweeet, congrats on the win!



Well I’m not surprised :slight_smile: Hope we will see more of your work in a near future.


Non poteva che vincere. Avete fatto un lavoro superlativo in ogni senso.



yay! so you won!!! congrats, congrats, congrats!!! :slight_smile:


I am happy for the wonderful news,
but it always I knew.
you are the best!!!




:):):)UUUUUUUUUUUUHHHUUUUUUUUUUUU!! :):):slight_smile:

It has been a fantastic experience for all of us and this morning we are walking one meter over the ground (translating the expression from italian… Means we are really happy!:slight_smile:

And of course CONGRATULATIONS too all the other winners!!!

Again Thanks everybody from all the crew!



Congratulations to all the team !
A great work you have done here !
Cheers !