Eon (Trailer) Entry: Emiliano Colantoni


Very good. Looks like a real movie trailer. And it does make me want to see that movie.


Aw yeah, theshift team… Well, who was expecting something else after all your promissing milestones (?) I am still very surprised what could be done in such a small enviroment. You folks are talented, so, just keep progressing! Good luck :thumbsup:


I will say again - great trailer! The beginning reminds me “Armageddon” and it’s so cool, that my hair is going up!
Great job! I wish you good luck!


Massively, positively, absolutely GREAT!

May the judges be blown away with this!


Hi there, just passing by to congratulate you on a fantastic job. Very well executed but perhaps more importantly… made me want to see more:thumbsup:


Guys you all are really sooo kind! Your comments themselves makes us feel so happy and really give us the energy we need to go ahead with our projects.
Thank you all so much for your words! We have to tell this is continuing to be such a great experience for all of us! CGS is a really great comunity.


Polished amd absolutly professional…the distribution between text and images loos perfect,and the colour palette rocks! a splendid work from a professional team!

Davvero un lavoro impressionante…Sentiamoci prima o poi… come dicevi sarebbe interessante chiaccherare un pò.


Oh, one small thing I noticed (in case you intend to post a hig-res version of your trailer somewhere, which you most definitely should :slight_smile: ):

The wording for one of the subtitles:

“Your limitation measures on the stone seem not to work.”

… should perhaps read:

“Your limited measures on the stone seem not to work.”

… or even a little smoother might be something like:

“You limited measures on the stone don’t seem to work.” (or maybe even better “… don’t seem to be working.”)

Just in the interests of making it as perfect as posible. :thumbsup:


Edit to the previous post:

I took another look at your boards, and I’m wondering now if what it is saying is “your measures/attempts to limit us don’t seem to be working” i.e. limitations put on the Russians by the Americans. I’m not 100% sure since he seems to be talking to his fellows Russians at that point. But that would be where the word “limitation” comes from, I expect.

If that’s the case, you might still want to consider changing the wording a bit since the wording “limitation measures” feels a bit awkward (to me anyway), especially in that context. Perhaps, “You’re measures of limitation don’t seem to be working.” … or “Your attempts at limitation don’t seem to be working.” I realize there’s some underlying Russian dialogue there, but unfortunately I don’t know exactly what they’re saying. :slight_smile:

So I’m not sure if that’s a help or not. Sorry if it’s unclear. :slight_smile:


I greatly enjoyed watching this trailer…winner imo :slight_smile: Great job!


I think “My friends, your limitation measures on the stone seem not to work”. Is O.K.


Hi Fifty3 and thanks again for taking the time to help. The russian guy is talking to the americans (you can guess that cause they speak english) and he means “the limitations that the americans have put on the russians seem not to work”.
We’ve submitted this sentence to a friend to see if it was right prior to posting the final entry and she told it was all ok. So I don’t really know now. I only got a first certificate, so I just can’t be really sure. Anyway…the more it leaves to the audience to guess…the better it is in my opinion.
Thanks again mate! really appreciated!:thumbsup:


Wow… Your trailer just blow me away…
Absolutely stunning stuff. Really like an
real big budget movietrailer. Jus wow…!!!
Thumbs up!


Congratulations on the best thing I’ve seen come out of this challenge yet. The characters, timing, lighting…everything seems perfect.
Hats off to your extremely talented team.


:applause::applause::applause: Wonderful work. Can’t wait to see the whole film :bounce:


Absolutely stunning work guys.

Tell me you’re going to make the movie now! ( :wink: )


Just great and professional, i think that your team will be in 1-3 place in winner list.
So, just great lob.

Good, luck !!!

I think you’ll make some making of :twisted:



u guys are



absolutely stunning visuals! expression! emotion! detail! …

n lots more!


’ ur team will win! ’


may god bless u all!

u’ve all worked so hard on this … u certainly deserve the best!

i wish u all good luck!








gave me goosebumps! it’s all so amazing!


Very cool and proffesional work…:thumbsup:

Good luck.