Eon (Trailer) Entry: Emiliano Colantoni


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Latest Update: Finished Trailer: ThE-ShiFT_EON_Final_Version


Hi everybody out there! We’re happy we joined you all in this challenge! :slight_smile:

As the entry information required a real full name we’ve used Emiliano Colantoni, who had the idea to join the challenge.

ThE-ShiFT team is formed by

Emiliano Colantoni aka Milk-…-Man (team leader)
Gianfranco Sgura aka UpVector
Marco Stellabotte aka SdiRRu
David Bonelli aka davidbonelli

We’re going to use live action for the characters and CGI for the environments for this project…

See you soon and good luck to anyone :wink:

ThE ShiFT team

This is our first sketch about the asteroid…soon we’ll post the space suit and then will follow the storyboard, which is under developement right now.


this is the design for the american space-suit…
see you soon


WOW!!.. cool design so far!! Did you have a website to see more of your stuff!?



WOW!.. cool design so far!! Did you have a website to see more of your stuff!?



Grazie OZ!!!

Check this site www.milkman.tv and www.gianfrancosgura.tv
the first is my personal web site, the second is of a member of our team.

But you can download only my show reel ,sorry no concept design at moment inside my web site

Thnx again!!! :thumbsup:



GREAT STUFF! one of the best seen in italy!




Thnx OZ you are one of the best italian 3D artist for me.
I have appreciate a lot your work in the past cgtalk challenge :applause:

Sorry for my scary english. lol


Russian_suit design


double post


frant_body design


frant_head design


Welcome to the challenge!

Some very nice concept art you’re posting here. Very promising. Can’t wait to see more!


extremelly nice work so far… An a very original style you have there… love the frants head the most…


Nice concept art you’re doing here. Sort of an Italian anime cel shaded look.:slight_smile:

You could almost use this art in the final promo… Is that the plan? Could work. Later!


I haven’t posted on many of the Trailer entries, just the Illustration ones, but I had to drop a note to say that I think all of your designs so far are really cool! Great work, can’t wait to see how you approach the more primary characters like APtricia and Olmy… Looking forward to it, in fact!
Good luck.



YOU ARE GREAT! if i’ll have heavy success in my professional live,well,the firt thing I’ll going to do is offer you a work as concept r! GREAT…really. :bowdown:


Hey thanks a lot to everybody for your comments! We are really happy of this feedback!
Sorry for coming back so late, but we’re working on day so we can dedicate to this forum only the night time!

Anyway I’d like to point out that I’m not alone on this project and we’re working as a new group that we call ThE-ShiFT.

@ igorstshirts : the plan is to use these concept as a guide and go on with a mixture of CGI & live action.

We’re working on the rough storyboard as well: we’ll put it online as soon as it gets a little watchable as it is so rough now that’s being difficult for us too to understand it!! LOL!

The-ShiFT team…


OK folks! Everybody’s having a lot of work to do these days ;D!! Great Challenge!
Here are some updates from ThE-ShiFT team:

-gateway to the second chamber (concept) -Patricia’s city (concept)
-the shuttle (3d)

The 3D Frant is on the way to be finished…will maybe uploaded between today and tomorrow.
The storyboard will come up on monday.
See you!

ThE-ShiFT team.