Eon (Trailer) Entry: David Markwick


Yeah hopefully a layer of blowing Cherry Blossom leaves will help to clarify that a bit, it does look a little snowy there :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:


looking good!! good luck on the final :slight_smile:

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DMarkwick the feeling of size you give in this shot is so amazing! We wonder how you managed to reproduce such an environment…you have a lot of parallax there, the camera movement seems to make a simple matte paint projection a little difficult to do, expeccially considering the trees! Are they cards…or are you really generating 3D trees?
If you could give us some hints on your technique that would be amazing! Thanks a lot in advance!



Hi ThE-ShiFT :slight_smile: thanks for the kind comments, particularly coming from a studio that is pushing out very high standards for this challenge.

The environment, of course, is layers as you might expect. The medium-ground (trees and canyon-type terrain) is done with Vue 5 Infinite, which uses a technology called Ecosystems to efficiently instance trees and bushes over landscapes. As far as I can tell they use instances of the same model, but each is resized and rotated to random degrees but you can add variety by adding more and fiddling with the distribution functions. The trees and bushes are made to only grow on flat areas in the same way. So to answer your question, yes they are 3D modeled trees but instances of a few models only.

The background is done in Lightwave, and despite looking like a matte painting is actually rendered in full 3D, as those far clouds are displaced inwards toward the center of the cylinder. I’m sure the 3D effect is imperceptible, but perhaps on a very subliminal level it adds to the scale :slight_smile: Actually the far background took very little time to render, there’s no shadow rendering going on there the cloud shadows are just diffuse textures copied from the cloud cylinder model. A cylinder scene of this nature becomes a nightmare to render when the shadow options are turned on as you might imagine :slight_smile:

I very deliberately made lots of parallax in the medium-ground to more emphasise the scale of the far background, everyone knows how big trees are and it’s an important visual cue for forming an idea to the overall scale.

The biggest scale giving device however turned out to be how it’s composited in Shake, the background was rendered with very little atmosphere haze so I could get the distance, but it needed a graded blue wash over it to simulate the filtering out of the red end of the light spectrum. This same wash was applied to lesser degrees to the closer in terrains, and the whole medium and far layers were given a heat-haze, although I have doubts about it’s effectiveness :slight_smile:

Kindest regards

David Markwick


Thanks a lot for your detailed description DMarkwick! And sorry for answering so late, reading and writintg in english sometime needs concentration and we are working hard, so pardon us.

Your technique is fantastic! We have to take a close look to that Vue 5 Infinite, though I’m pretty sure has to be played by expert hands to produce those results. Great Solution for your clouds…displacement is also one of our favourite techniques, and the diffuse textures copied for the shadows is a great trick!

Thanks again and good luck!!!:slight_smile:


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