Eon (Trailer) Entry: Cofi Hudson


Congratulations! Great job. That smoke trail flythru was cool, as is the plasma. The music and voice are so tight! Sweet.



Nice work. Good pacing. Loved the narrator. At first I thought, “Hey, how did they get Leonard Nimoy to do narration for them?” :scream: It sounded perfect. And the music fit right in too. The Patricia model and the shuttle are both great models. Really well done.

You’ve produced a nice trailer here. Best of luck!


Nice to look at and the sound … what can I say. Thansk for the answer about the sound set up. Sould look into it more, the sound makes the big difference I think.
Good luck now!

/peter :applause:


Great Cofiction! You made it! And it’s great job too! Expecially the Lift-off and the mountains sequences are really well done! Congratulations on your final entry and good luck for all your things!


The opening sequence absolutely rox…i loved a lot the camera movement and cut in your tralier…weel done!!:thumbsup:


Thank you, all for your kind words!
At first I really didn’t think I could finnish in time and it has taken me awhile to sink it in, that I actually made it into the competition.

OZ: I’m truly very sorry to hear about your hardship concearning this competition.
And yet you have found some strength to keep everyones spirits up with cool and responsive comments… it’s amazing… just as your scenes have been.
I trust we will see you in action again - never loose hope of anything, 'cause all good things comes to those who wait! :slight_smile:

fifty3dragons: You have gotta be the most kindest person I’ve known on this competition.
You have really helpped others along to achieve thier goals no matter how impossible it might have seemed at the time. Your exaple really rocks and your spirit on this, it’s just something that I think we should all learn to embrace! :wink:

Thanx again everyone, I’ll see you all possibly in the next challenge - you never know. :smiley:


I’ve added few finalized images to my portfolio from this trailer and since those turned out quite okay I’ve thought about making a finalized still-image from here and there troughout this project as a re-cap and 'cause the subject is so good and 'cause I possibly get to add in something I couldn’t quite finnish or fit into the original competition animation.
I’m doing this as a ‘skill booster’ for next possible challenges I might take part into.

Here’s the link to the porfolio gallery also:

“Awaiting, awaiting, for the ruleing to come,
heads high, thumbs up, good luck to every one…”


Thank you, all for your support. This was very educating challenge to undertake!
We’ll be seeing ya all in the next time around when the challenge is on…

                    ...and just maybe then the things will be different...

                                                                          ...untill then CO2, signing off!


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