Eon (Trailer) Entry: Cofi Hudson


Thank you for the wote of confidence, ittrium !
I did take a different route for glory, hope it pays off in the end :smiley:


bows to you, spire!
Nice to know it didn’t go quite waste :slight_smile:


Those are some great shots. That collision looks even better in color (as I knew it would :slight_smile: ). I also thought the storyboards read very clearly and had a nice rhythm and pacing to them. This one’s going to be good!!

And if you have to cut time on the collision shot, I’d suggest taking it off the end. Then you can avoid the “clutter” you didn’t like. :slight_smile: I think the build-up to the impact is more important than watching the fallout (if you have to make a choice). Just my opinion, of course.


fifty3dragons : Good call, thanx man!
I had already taken some off the end of that shot - there was initally the time warp.
But I guess the repeating of the build up couple of times makes better effect, than actually just showing it once in full.


Quick update: OTV -hero model almost complete - little fine tuning still with the texture over the engines and the landing-gears will be only colored out. Hopefully that’ll be enough for the scene they’re visible.


Looks great!
Two tickets please. :slight_smile:


OH YES! the OTV ROXX! very accurate texturing…and,one of the best otv design all around!
I like a lot the “solid” look of eon’s logo.



Great model. Beautiful work on the texturing. Nothing more to say :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop

Another quickie: First short sequence of the OTV going for ex-orbital flight.

Play Video >>


Very nice animation! The model looks even better in motion. Are either of the Earth or the moon images 2D?


fifty3dragons: Either of the celestial elements are 2D, everything is 3D with a lot of compositing trickery.

This image gives out the basic structure of all the scenes made for the trailer.
If anything needs to be changed within a scene, all you’ll need to change is one layer or just a portion of it… unless it’s the camera movement :slight_smile:


fifty3dragons, OZ, ittrium, Thanx guys for the kind comments!


Hey, thanks a lot for posting that breakdown of your workflow! I really appreciate you taking the time to put that together. I’m learning more and more the value of layering stuff (mostly from the disadvantage of not having layered it when I started out :slight_smile: ). So examples like the one you just put up give me all kinds of ideas as to how to accomplish it.


fifty3dragons: Think nothing of it, I’m happy to be able to share that :thumbsup:

I spent my time well in the postproduction company, spying out tips and tricks, mainly howto do something fancy without any expensive programs at hand.
The rest of those tricks I conjured up from various making of documentaries - those really do help out a lot, it’s not a joke.
Also, as far as real trickery goes, the guys working with game model design really cook up the difference and what they come up with works fine with film and compositing as well.


I to like when ppl take the time to show the work flow, and that’s one of the purpuse of this challange I think. Me to learn something new every day. So rock on!
By the way, which software did u use?



coolkonrad: I’m have Max, AE and PS (CS2) at my disposal. Combustion is on standby incase I’d need it. I sometimes use Mentalray for rendering but that’s about it.
A side note: when texturing or concepting, the only thing IMHO you can really rely on is a Wacom. :smiley:


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,mental ray,Photoshop

The OTV finally flies through space in all of the scenes.
Sound needs still alot of tweaking, these are merely placeholders for the final sound effect.
( I whish I’d had more time working on the moon details - had to scrap some nice scenes from way up close and inside of the severed section )

Play Video >>


Hi Cofi those are really great scenes you’re making! The camera movements are good, but if we can give a suggestion we would try and cut away from the second cut just the first second and a half. This way the movement of the space ship would join much better to the one it has in the end of cut 1…olny our opinion :wink:
Again great sequences!


ThE-ShiFT: Thank you, guys and gals, for the excellent input crit! bows
When looking at the final cut of those scenes I noticed also that something was miss placed.
There were few but, the one you pointed out is the easyest to fix :slight_smile:

To get some constructive crit from the exceptionally capable group such as yours is a huge thing for me - I hold your efforts in high regard.


Very nice animation. The close-up shots look especially good. Your work on that model has really paid off. The SFX are well placed too.

One comment: there’s something about the way the starfield moves in the first shot as the camera tracks the ship going past, both as the Earth begins to fade off to the left (it looks like the stars accelerate or something) and then again as the moon comes into view and the camera slows down (the outermost stars seem to shoot out towards the edge of the frame). Nothing too big really. Pretty much the only critique I can offer. :slight_smile: