Eon (Trailer) Entry: Cofi Hudson


Software: 3ds max,Photoshop

This is a WIP model-sheat of the crater on a mountainrange where aliens have built their version of the original portal.


Software: 3ds max,Photoshop

The OTV approaching down on the portal’s landing platform.
Scene still needs its hero-model of the OTV with some timing and compositing.
The sketch is quite different from the actual modeling and final scene, due to the fact that, I had planned a little sight-seeing trail along rocky edges of the crater for Patricia and her crew. Again time was against me on that one…

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Software: After Effects

It’s amazing what 5 hours and talented musical artists can come up with…
I acted merely as a producer/bystander with this musical piece by Shigeki Tamura (aka Kamikaze) and Jay Stern (on rythm guitar).

Jay was also kind enough to lend me his voice for the narrator on this trailer. I’ll releace that one with the pre-cut animatics (it’ll make more sence that way).

If time isn’t against us I guess we’ll be doing sound fx’s also with this group of talents later on.

Software Applications used:
LogicPro7.2, Waves, Reason, Recycle +
Various acustic/electric/virtual instruments

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userBrian: Thanx, man! I’d like to see that underwater pan too… dunno how I’ll be doing that part yet. :smiley:

targus: Thanx dude! I also thought these things came out ok, but dunno about the abilities… I rather just stumbling upon these cool tutorials on howto make a thing or two.
I’m still kinda learning as I go along.

fifty3dragons: Thanx! At that point only camera movement on both animatics was something I relyed on. I still think there’s too little stuff on her room, there really should be more at this stage but I just can’t think of anything.
One month then, few weeks now… :slight_smile:


Yeah I saw an underwater pan by a friend at the Video Coalition and that was very cool with the underwater lights from windows and such and the camera moves, up to the godrays into the water…So you see I think yours is a cool entry, as I see you are a conceptual artist and that is sorta what I am too. So I really dig your efforts. Personally, I think a sci-fi conceptual artist type should direct the movie, and write the script or the story is lost and the movie is ruined. You have a natural inclination for science fiction, I think, and that is very necessary for the authentic feel of the movie. To keep the pace. Hmm…how can I check out more of your work?


Another nice animatic with the OTV approach. And I enjoyed the soundtrack. Nice variation and buildup. It’ll be interesting to see this one all edited together. Keep up the good work!


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop

This is the first composite of the trailers opening sequence with sound score. This was pretty daunting to composite since most of the light-fx I had to do with Photoshop and then time them in AE.
I had an alternate beginning planned, but since I’m cutting corners where ever possible, I made this one a little shorter as well.

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I really like the opening sequence, current quality not withstanding (and no complaints either). I’m just extremly psyched to see the alien gate in all its glory!


Software: Photoshop

First four scene-plans out of the owen…


Software: Photoshop

Next four scene-plans out of the owen…


Software: Photoshop

Another four scene-plans out of the owen…


Software: Photoshop

…and that’s the rest of them.

These took me awhile to “slap” together since I’m not working very organized way - at least I don’t feel like that.
Timing for the full 1’30’’ was quite troublesome, but when I started fixing it all into the animatix (finally up next in full) it kinda came alive.
Last days are going to be killer to render out everything.
(Don’t know until the last very last days if I’m gonna be able to make it all)

Excellent New Year 2007 to everyone!


aurora: Thanx, dude! If you mean about the .flv quality… can’t do nothing about it :slight_smile:
I can try to finess the scene a bit if it lacks any credibility, just tell me what to fix and I’ll do it :thumbsup: (he,he) Anyway I think that’ll be the best scene I can playout with this time on my hands.

fifty3dragons: Thanx again, man! That scene will undergo some extreme work untill be released to public again :slight_smile:
I’ll pass the credits along for Shigeki-san about the music. I think he’s a remarkable talent and to think that he “just” played all the notes by sequence in one take - that’s some skills in my book.

userBrian: You are too kind now! At least gimme some crits :smiley: - No, really, thank you!
I’ve started to comp that uw-scene now and this post you placed here gave me the much needed check-list for things to incorporate with that scene.
I completely agree on your visions about the concept artists - they should be closer with the director, if not really direct the whole shabang!

I don’t really have standing porfolio over the net currently, but if you want you can view the few older samples I have over this temporary link:
However, there is no concepts over that link, I guess I’ll place those to my CG-portfolio
after this contest is due.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,mental ray,Photoshop

This meteor shot started out quite okay, but couldn’t just finish it right - plus it’s way too long.
The shot is missing several effects which would clear this scene out more - instead now the ending looks just somewhat cluttered.
Well… can’t cry about it, gotta push it forward… outta time!

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Hey Cofiction nice shot on the title sequence! Love the sun reflecting on the oceans!!
One little thing that could be fine tuned on the the last shot is the flare: keeping it horizontal would make it a little more realistic (at least that’s our opinion of course). Keep it UP!!



Thanx ThE-ShiFT -crew! I think you’re right about the flare.
I guess I was affraid about that scene looking too much like the openning scene,
so that’s why tried to give it a little something, but that’s a small fix in all that needs to be fixed in that scene to make it work fully :smiley:


I like your ideea!


Hi! Why do you show EON logo in "EON Opening Title" ?
I think that trailer must contain some mistery, when it’s starts.
So, planet stars and light - cool. But… Appearance of logo and pan… Not cool
You can start from black screen, than rising sun slowly illuminates Earth’s surface. Durathion - 5-7sec.

Appearance of EON logo in the end can be done so. During the explosion of earth the flash of light closes a screen, when light goes out there is an EON logo. (light flash duration approximately 8-12frames). EON logo can constantly a bit increased (for example from 100% scale to 104%). When light will go out, inscription of “worlds within worlds” appears at once. Inscription also must be increased simultaneously with a logotype.

Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Hmmm, sounds like workable edit, thanx ittrium!

I did wonder about the logo entry couple of times before I placed it for comments.
This comment of yours is very good and creative, I’ll see what I can do about it. :thumbsup:


I like your storyboard, think that will turn out good trailer.