Eon (Trailer) Entry: Cofi Hudson


Here’s the model of the quarters so far.
The animatics camera seems to turn nicely in between the removable wall-panels.


matthewpl, userBrian, fifty3dragons, thanx, guys!

It feels kinda nice to get some booster comments from totally different group than you are used to. I really appreciate it.


The room looks very nice (although i have thought of it quite differently)… Your modelling work is simply great…


Thanx, for the pros and the crits, icedeyes!

I did mentioned before that I’d be doing some alterations to increase the creative momentum around the actual story, so you can expect to see more twists and turns poping up.
However, I still respect the original story - this is mere addition to it. :slight_smile:


I though to release this script for comments before I finalize the story boards and get the timing done.
This holds the trailers story in a nutshell without getting into too deep and distracting details.
Tho, will seem a bit different once seen on screen with animatics.


That ‘script’ is old news as of today!

I revised the whole trailer story… added few parts… modified other…
You really see the whole thing coming together only once you get the rough animatics.
The storyboard only gives you some clues on what the complete thing should look like.
…well, back to work. Hope to update soon enough.


Very polish modeling! i like all of your stuff! and…KEEP IT UP…im curious to see more!


Here is the version 2 of the pre-launched script.
This one suited much better with the storyboard and the overall feel of the trailer.
I tried to add more depth to the story by enhancing some points more than the obvious ones.
(Background story will follow)


I doubt that the script will change anymore, due to the time limitation
(I gotta hang on to something), but just incase I do run out of time,
I decided to post the trailers idea on writing. (hope it’s allowed):smiley:

So here goes:

I didn’t give the trailer any specific point in time but rather let it hang in the air
placing the events into the one possible future.

The story takes place right after the “Little-Death”, where people are forced to
gathere in large groups near the water to rely on the knowledge of it and to get
some shelter from the radioactive fallout. The atmosphere is just settling down
and getting frienlier again.

The trailer begins from the point, where the Stone has already been around for a while.
The humans have been browseing around the technology and information of the Stone, without any luck of finding any clear knowledge about the imminent world disaster.

The twist in this story is the facing threat which is beeing delayed by something or some one via the Stone.
The Stone is set to fall on a collision course towards the moon and once it hits the moon it will jump back in time enough to create a “groundhog-day-event” - the last cycle of the Stone’s orbital trajectory will be repeated over and over again - untill someone cuts the cycle by compleeting all necessary tasks.

Clues how to complishe the tasks have been brought back already from the Stone,
yet no one seems to realize this fact.
At this time Patricia won’t yet be setting her feet upon the Stone, but rather following all the leads and mysteries brought back from the Stone.
By the time this last loop occures, she will be the only one who has gained enough
understanding about all of the events which are about to take place and realizing now also the fact about the ‘deja-vu’.

The trailer’s story follows Patricia over the last cycle as the puzzle’s pieces starts to fit together and all that is left for her is the action itself and the race against time, before the loop resets itself again - which it cannot do for long.

(Everytime the cycle resets something little has been changed by some individual and it influences the event slitely on every round leading eventually to the forementioned imminent disaster - the collision of the Stone is only a trigger for the asteroids self-defence mechanism.)

However, Patricia wont be all alone on this daunting task. She will experience an other-worldly intervention as one race has decided to lend a hand. This, however, is not done without their own agendas - unrevealed by the trailer ofcource.
This friendly race appears to Patricias aid just as all of hope seems to have vanished and
they will show her how to beat the time-distortion by the use of a replica of the portal,
which has been built by this ‘kind’ race inside of an time-bubble to a remote
mountine-top location on earth.

How all the puzzle pieces fit and how exactly the intervention helps Patricia wont be revealled by the trailer. Also the trailer will not show the re-discovery of the Stone and what has become of it and what will happen after.
Those events and ‘a-bit-more’ is left for the movie(s) itself(them selves) - should it(they) ever come to pass.


Wow! You’ve obviously put a great deal of thought into this. I see you’re going you’re own way a bit with the story, but that makes it unique and you seem to have a very clear vision for what you want to achieve here.

For what it’s worth, a few things I noticed in the script:

“… the echoes from the dark future is haunting …” **This should probably either be “the echoes … are haunting” or “the echo … is haunting.” And I wasn’t clear on how this line fit together with the first word “Time.” Is it meant to be something like “Time … it’s echo from the dark future is haunting” or something similar? it isn’t quite clear to me.

“Future … cannot be change” ** Should probably read: “The future … cannot be changed.” i.e. it requires the definite article in front of “future” in that context (whereas, interestingly enough, “Time” in the previous line does not).

“… the mankind must correct its present - for the future.” ** Should probably just read “… mankind must correct …” In this instance, no defintie article is needed. And if you want to be totally politically correct, it might be good to go with “humankind” instead of “mankind.” Also, just for the sake of the overall rhythm, it might be an idea to either have “its present … its future” or “the present … the future” i.e. make them both the same. Just a thought.

“… sometimes the help arrives in the least expected form …” ** Again, the definite article can go and just read “… sometimes help arrives …”

“… before the time runs out …” ** Just read “… before time runs out …”

But really an outstanding effort overall. I look forward to seeing you put this one together. Hope my comments are of some help. By all means, ignore them if they aren’t. :slight_smile:


Thankyou so much, fifty3dragons!

Your input to this is definately not over looked :thumbsup:

I wrote the corrections into that script and to the story also in ramming speed
and that time wasn’t so much looking into the grammar or that sort.
I just wanted it done.
Obviously I’ll correct those before reading session and thanx again for the heads up about
keeping the lines intact with the content (I tend to overshoot a bit at times) :smiley:


Software: 3ds max

Here is one 300f test sequence of the meteor collision with moon.
Later on when space scenes are shown in the trailer the moon is not intact any more and has the ring of debris around it.
Here’s how that came to be…

Play Video >>


Wow! Fantastic seqeunce. And great choice of angle. Very dynamic. This is going to look very exciting fully textured, lighted, etc. Keep it up!


Software: 3ds max

This is short animatic test sequence overview along the middle pylon of the ORC. The scale is not yet very visible but you could get some feel to it by focusing into the OTV-type hangars with the runway outlet in the mid-section.

Play Video >>


Thanx, fifty3dragons!

I try to keep it going. Things have been little tricky since I’ve not yet planned any of the sounds or the music at all and the animatics have eaten up all of my time.
However, next week I’ll be talking to some musical instances to help me along.
How did the saying go again? “Time is of the essence” …or something like that :smiley:


Software: 3ds max

This animatic sequence is the intro for Patricia and some gathered material from and about the Stone.
Even tho the scene will not be very long all together, it’ll still be full of functioning screens and digital items.
This camera-drive is planned to portray as much of the technology products for personal use as possible of this particular era.
The scene may later on contain more shots from different angle,
but for now this is what I gotta live with.

Play Video >>


I like the realistic feel of your animatics- looks like you’ll make a nice trailer even though you entered late. That under water pan is cool, it will be nice to see the camera move out into the air.


Really lovely concepts and animation. You must hurry up, there is not much time left, so i think you have all the abilities to make an interesting trailer. Keep on.

Good luck.


I thought both animatics came out great. Nice movement in both, and the room has a lot of detail in it even at this early stage. Looks like it’s really coming along. Keep it coming. One month left!!! :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max,Photoshop

This is a WIP model-sheat of the ORC tower located near shoreline, partially underwater. Patricia is doing here most of her research concearning the Stones origin and meaning.
This should be the final model-work for the ground and the height-maps.
The texturing will come next with all its neat trickyness.