Eon (Trailer) Entry: Cofi Hudson


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First conceptual images of the characters in the trailer.


First conceptual images of the vehicles in the trailer.


Hi, everyone!

Just to chime in some…

I’m a total newbie on these parts, so I’ll try my best not to annoy anyone :slight_smile:

I realize that I started this one at the very latest possible moment, but I hope I can catch up with all of ya.

I’m a student of the EVTEK Institute of Arts and Design in Finland, currently in my extended-period and hoping to graduate in spring 2007. This competition, I guess, is going to be the highlight of my studies and this I think is a very good opportunity to really try out your skills and see what you are made of… :smiley:

A word of my ideas for the trailer…

First of all every respect to the author of the base-reference-material, Greg Bear, for allowing us this chance to use the seed of your intuition to try our creative minds on.
Sicne I’m a huge fan of all aspects concearning Sci-fi (…well, most of it anyway…) I try to keep the trailer’s point of view within the boundaries of the original story, but I can’t help useing some artistical approach over the material.
The story inspired me to look at the events from a slitely altered perspective… like the alternate timeline itself.
I realize again the timelimit on my hands so I try to maintain humble approach in all the scenes to enable the subtle changes in the storytelling as the trailer advances.

…hmmm… wonder if anyone got anything out of that… :shrug:

The storyboards are next in line so that may shead some more light onto my babbeling.

All in all - thank you Mr Bear, my fellow competitors - Inspiration and good luck, everyone!! :thumbsup:

FYI: incase anyone’s wondering; I tag all of my work with the ‘CO2 - Xpressions’ label.
I found it to be very usefull and fast way to indetify finalized and completed images and animations.


Welcome and good luck. We’ll give you as much feedback and tips as we can. Nice spaceship design…


First look on the storyboard of the OTV flying out of the atmosphere.


First look on the storyboard of the OTV in space.

These storyboard fragments have also cut-out character-action-scenes in between.


Thanx, Henrikl !

I’m always eager to hear about better or alternative approaches onto the way I work.
I don’t wanna get stuck on any bad habbits which may blind me out of seeing the big picture :smiley:


Block-modeling and layout of the Title Screen for the trailer.

Animation will flow trough the center of the logo and the ‘shield’ into the first scene.


I thought I should give some background of my designs the hows and whys.

I wanted to give the OTV a kind of an complex futuristic feel to it, not quite the today feel, but something that humans might have done. I also wanted to make it look as agile as possible and yet have some mass on its fuselage. To do that, I needed to clearly separate the pilots section from the cargo and crew section. I also needed to think of it’s precise manouver ability so I enabled the craft to hover with rotating main engines at the tip of the wings.

The sketch is based on some of my earlier sketches of similar crafts. None of them were ever completed so I finalized them into this craft.

I got some influences from the films “Aliens - Return” , “Final Fantasy - Spirits Within” and completed the sketch by merging in the details out of some imges of real military choppers and aircrafts.


Yo Cofi!

Looking good, hope the short timeframe won’t be a problem. Would be really cool to see it in action.


Wassup, Alpo!

Thanx man! I’m busting my butt to make everything I need first for the animatics.
There won’t be much of very systematic organizing, such as yours, going on in my private camp :slight_smile: non-theless, it’s still gonna be cool just to be able to participate in this challenge.


For animatics and for some distant scenes I fixed these two standins from my old World of Warcraft-NightElf look-a-like model. It’s over sized limbs make it a good mannequin for testing shots and camera-angles.


Since the OTV craft is in key-role in my trailer I’ll be making the animatic model from my hero-model.
I already used the WIP-model (as seen here) for some of the storyboard shots, but the animatic requires just a bit more functions out of the model.


Wow, some great things showing up here! I love the ship design! Awesome animatic storyboard also! :slight_smile:

Keep it up, I’ll try to check back!


My humble thanks to you, Hideyoshi!

I really value your given attention for my work bows!
I hope the time allows me to keep this up, so that the level of interrest won’t drop too suddenly :slight_smile:

BTW… I just love your work, they all are beautyfull.


looks realy good so far, hopefuly it will stay like that to the end. Nice models, clean storyboard, nice idea. Im looking forward to see animation. keep working.


Like the way that OTV model is light grey like a real plastic model. Makes me want to buy the kit and assemble it too! Really wanna see your texturing! Keep reinforcing commander!


Some really nice work here so far. Looks like you’re off to a great start. Some very nice modelling (both ship and human), and I like the 3D storyboards. Good job!


This is a rough colored idea view of the living-quarters where Patricia is reading some “collected” books from “the” library.

I’ll fill in more of the details in the upcoming storyboard update.