Eon (Trailer) Entry: Brian Linwell


Software: Lightwave 3D

I’m using Lightwave 9 and Vue6 here.
This is a movie of the stone to show it’s shape, as it approaches. I added some craters to the model and I like the metal-rock look. I think it looks realistic. I have other things to complete so the stone’s look is finished, I think. I’m lucky I got this extra time! I am doing this all myself.And the work in this challenge is awesome! Sure am glad I entered.

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Thanks for your crit fifty3dragons. Here is an animation to show the stones shape. I think it works well this way. I have to try and put some final scenes in quickly too- I’ll have some drawings also.


Looking good. I think this shot shows off the shadowing much better than just the still image did and the Stone comes across very well. Nice camera work too. Keep plugging away! I finally got some of my own 2D stuff posted. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got cooked up! :slight_smile:


Hi. It’s 4 a.m. again and I finally got this done. I’ll do the flyby movie later. I wanted to give the buildings a bit of a loose flow. I left the cables out because they might not be that visible way up in the clouds anyway. Those are all volumetric clouds. Gotta move on!


A big improvement in your cg quality in the last scene.
Bravo userBrian!! :thumbsup:




I agree with ThE-ShiFT guys. I’ve liked all your stuff so far, but I think this last image is definitely a step up from the previous work. It’s a beautiful shot. Great job! One week left, so make sure you have all your ducks in a row. :smiley:


Thistledown. I wanted to show the concept of the hanging buildings as they would appear upside down in the chamber, and I can’t recall anyone else doing it. So I really appreciate your saying it’s original! This is my attempt to show Greg’s architectural vision in a way that seems necessary for him to sell his unique, original vision. Impact is what I hope to achieve. This here, of course, in a subtle way. It would be fun to treat a movie script like this. But then again, I’ll be making the trailer for my script next…maybe though I need to write a novel first…“getting it” is so much the picture! Some of the volumetric cloud detail is lost in the compression. I hope to put a longer shot in my trailer, but time is drawing to a close.

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Thanks ThE-ShiFT and fifty3dragons. I’m very glad that you like it. I also like your works very much! As for alligning the Ducks, I have misfiled that folder! The D.U.C.K.S. (Deadline’s Unlocated Challenge Killer Shots) because this is such a HUGE challenge! Good luck!
“The ducks! The ducks! Where are the ducks!”


For me it’s an amazing shot, because I have a dream with it.


shearerludmil- Thank you for the compliment- There are such fantastic artists in this challenge it is a real pleasure to be in this game. I just made a 10 second shot of this scene which I added to my trailer, with a few added volumetric clouds. Interesting that you had a dream about it. Could you describe your dream? I had a show of my acrylic Sci-fi/fantasy paintings a while ago and someone also said he had a dream of one of my paintings. I think I project subconsciously like a television station. That’s the way the mind works.


hehe, the ducks are coming! the ducks are coming!

The shot looks even better moving. We’re pretty much down to the wire now. This is really shaping up though. Best of luck in the final few days!


Software: Lightwave 3D for the Frant, Photoshop to touch up the eye and composit, Vue for the landscape.

Up to the wire- heres the sound.

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Software: Lightwave 3D

Just sneaked in!

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Whew! Talk about cutting it close. You had me worried there for a minute. Congratulations on finishing the challenge!!!

I’ve already said it before, but the music is great. Nice and easy and simple, but all the richer for it in my opinion. Some very nice modelling in there as well, especially the plane and Thistledown City.

Great job!

P.S. I trust no ducks were injured in the making of this trailer? hehe


Thanks fifty3dragons, I really enjoyed this challenge- And thanks to all of you who visited my thread and gave crits too! You were all very helpful.


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