Eon (Trailer) Entry: Brian Linwell


Cool lights and splendid metal shader!!:thumbsup:


Thanks oz, great to hear that from you!


Hey userBrian, great idea to use a challenge to force yourself to study a new piece of software! And you’re making great steps ahead too! Nice looking plane you have there, expecially talking about the engines at the end of the wings…
A couple of suggestions if we may:
-watch out the simmetry of the plane as the tip seems to be simmetrized too and maybe it shouldn’t.
-try to contrast your images a bit…even if there aren’t shadows yet this could really improve the look of the chamber. Having a key light with strong shadows and a dimmed light as a fill vill certainly add depth.
-Referring to the lower angle render, the one at the base of the mushrooms, try and add something near the camera and put that out of focus (in comp). This could also add depth to the render too.

Namaste and…good luck!

ThE-ShiFT team


A couple of really nice models you have there. I think the plane came out especially well. Looks like you’re getting the hang of modo pretty fast. :slight_smile: I’ve never actually tried it myself, but maybe I’ll have to give it a go (after the challenge is over; I have enough software to learn already).


ThE-ShiFT-Thanks for that very constructive post! Yes, I stayed up all night, I think I went to sleep arround 7 am. I was mirroring that plane left and right fixing the wing and props and seats. Ended up just cloning the seats, 6 of them. And yes I mirrored off enough to double that nose antenna! Funny thing I was looking at that in the render and wondering why that was and why the center cockpit canopy bar was too thick! Now I know! LOL! Thanks.
Yes the contrast on that mushroom picture is a disaster- I’ll have to increase it. That mushroom is part of the Vue terrain and I would probably build my own If I wanted more control. Maybe if I throw that scene in the trailer i’ll do that. In the book the plasama lights shadows are very light, but I think I should increase it.

fifty3dragons- Thanks! Yes, I’m trying out Lightwave 9 too. I modeled that plane in my old version of lightwave, then continued modeling in LW9, and then rendered it in modo. The background clouds are a photo I took by the beach with my cellphone. I composited it in photoshop. I turned the photo on edge as the clouds going up the side are suitable for the chambers. So I’m learning Vue,modo and Lightwave 9 for this challenge. Yikes! And i’m doing this challenge alone. Unless I throw in some videocam shots of people acting later.


I’ve done a few experimental renders of rocks in the lake and I’m posting this one to see if this direction makes sense, I may use a rapid montage of such scenes, no? This type of experimentation is fun.


Looking good. That last image reads well to me. Keep going! The clock is ticking, but there’s still time for all of us to finish!


This is an ongoing model of the truck- Just a quick and dirty no anti-aliasing cheap shot with somw equally fast photoshop stars.


Software: Vue

This is a low flight of the vstol in the 4th chamber- Here you see the top secret ability of the rocket powered vstol to navigate submerged…okay a little creative artistic license.
I used Vue and Lightwave. Happy new year! May the challenge be with you!

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I’m working on the 7th chamber now and this is a wip. I modeled Patricia and the truck and road and the chamber in Lightwave and rendered in Vue. That plant in the foreground might be making the truck look too small. I need to add more detail to the far landscape and refine the clouds a lot. The road may look too Tronish? Maybe I should go back to rocky textures.
There are no post touchups here because I hope to animate the scene a little.


Glad to see you’re still hard at it! Good stuff here. Keep it up!


Thia is a logo concept image.


Software: Vue, Lightwave, modo, Flash, Photoshop, Cakewalk

Me playing my guitar. On my Vox effects amp. I may add the words, lyrics, later.

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Sounds like deep space. But may be in trailer it must be more agressive?
Hurry up! Time is running out.


I like that it sounds like deep space, hadn’t thought of that. I was thinking of the sadness of Patricia’s situation. Focused on her. She’s the one sent to save us. Actually my lyrics are pretty sad. I’ll add that later, hopefully. Thanks for your input and fifty3dragons’. And all of you other guys. Hope I get a couple more animations in before it’s curtains. This challenged ramped it up a notch in the sense of hurry- hurry- meet the deadline. Makes me wonder what it’s like to be a pro at this! But I really enjoy it. I think you get to tell a story much more interestingly than with a single image or just one short animation. I like this type of challenge better.


Very interesting point of view.With allot of original ideeas.


[left]Still love your very original style.[/left]
[left]IM curious to see your final!:slight_smile: [/left]


That music is awesome. I think you’ve got a really unique take with it, kind of sad and bittersweet and yet really captiviating as well. It made me think a lot of Firefly (a show I really like, so please take that as a complement). I’m looking forward to the animatic when you finally put the pictures to music!


Lightwave 9 and Vue 6
This is a closeup of the approach on the stone. I’m into the realism stage, and I don’t know if I will have the time to get more realistic. Probably, as I need to set the craters into the stone, but this will do. I’m trying to get a metalic and rock effect. And I want to be scary. The animation of this rock comming to your face seemed to get there.

Spire and Oz- Thank you so much for saying this looks original. I really strive for that. Now I have to go into the realistic re-doing of it all!

fifty3dragons- thank you for comparing me to Firefly. Although I haven’t seen it yet, I googled Firefly and was amazed. I will have to rent some dvd’s! Just what I wanted to do!
Sounds really like my direction. Makes me feel real interest in which way Greg will choose to present his work. I just hope he puts his control into the movie. Then again I wonder what would happen if he selected special artists to be inspired- if he could see the changes that he approves, of course. Oh- and about the 2d stuff- I added a 2d atomic blast blowing up a city and the change or reality seems to fit- I’ll see. Photoshop and wacom cells.


Yeah, I really liked Firefly. I’m was quite disappointed they discontinued the show (only 13 or 14 episodes).

I like your latest image. If you have time, it might be worth putting a little heavier shading on one side of the asteroid just to give it that added 3-dimensionality. Looking good though. Any animatics on the horizon?