Eon (Trailer) Entry: Brian Linwell


Working on the clouds and foreground. This is a direct render from Vue 5.
I think I’ll add more to it before I do another test flythru. I’d like to add a 3d sharacter, but might not.


Your last entry looks far more better than the first.Did you have some storyboards?


Thanks OZ- I think so too. And it’s not so damn bright! I feel I’m getting on the right track.
The storyboards I have so far are pretty rough. I may work on them soon.


Testing a ground texture I painted in photoshop. This is a render straight from Vue 5.


Think this looks better as an Island? This is a first frame straight render from an animation setup. There’s my VSTOL and a building on the island. I did another test animation with Patricia skinny dipping but with a stock female model, so I may make my oun Patricia 3d model so I can show it! I will try a rough wavy water surface here, as in the swim test which isn’t posted yet.


This is a charcoal pencil sketch for my storyboard of Patricia. Done in traditional charcoal and paper. The lighting and blue effect was added in Photoshop.


Good pre-viz on the island; the plane really helps sell the overall scale. And also nice sketch of Patricia.


fifty3dragons- Thanks. Yes I am working on the scale. When I added the vstol I shrank the trees for scale. I shrank them a lot, but forgot to shrink the three mushrooms, which are btween the trees. The mushrooms are the three grey ones in the image before I added the vstol. That made the mushrooms really huge in scale! Really cool! I decided to delete the huge skyscraper mushrooms for now because I am working on scale now. But I thought I might add them down the path later as a sideshow. So it’s amazing to get home today and see you got a weird impulse to draw giant mushrooms! Reminds me of the effect I had on the computer graphics department’s creative animations when I was the artist at a TV station!
Talk about parrallel universes, Greg Bear is working on a book about two parallel universes that collide. And today I just bought his book “Dead Lines” by Greg Bear. It’s about tuneing in to a frequency the dead use to communicate with living people. I actually wrote a 176 page script about a parallel universe intersecting with ours. Wrote it in 1999. I plan to rewrite it and make a trailer for it after this one. And I have a few large oil paintings about that, and the dead communicating to us, done years ago,one finished this year. Cool.

Glad you like my small charcoal quick sketch of Patricia.


To fifty3dragons- This is an approximation of my deleted scene. The first one was without the plane and closer in- I may re-enact that one? Anyway- do you feel any weird dejavu? This is part of my serious ongoing research! Thanks.


Ha! There must be something in the water here at the CG Society. We’ve all got mushrooms on the brain! Thanks for sharing the pic. There’s definitely a story in there somewhere :slight_smile:


OMG! You responded! This so gets to me, and all the beer i’m drinking! Thanks, I take that as a yes! We will have fun discusing our worldly games in the after life, fift 3 dragons!


mh! :slight_smile: cool!..your scene grows up nicely! I like the original style of your renderings!


This is a test render of the close in view I was writing about. Just for fun.


This is a test render of the close in view I was writing about. Just for fun.


OZ- Thanks. Glad to hear my style is developing. I’m working on it.


Whoops. Missed this post. Seriously, I think the next challenge should be doing a trailer for a movie about giant mushrooms. Then you and me will have a good head start!


fifty3dragons- I know how you feel about having a head start! I’m just starting to learn modo now, and am reading “The Official Luxology modo Guide”. Sofar just for this challenge I’m learning Vue and modo, read Eon, and also reading Legacy and Dead Lines, the last 3 books are by Greg Bear too. Not that Dead Lines has anything to do with Eon. It’s just that it’s very interesting. Soooo…I hope to get a modo Frant or Jart up soon…modo is interesting too.


Yeah, I’m in the same boat (in terms of learning new software, that is). I’ve had LightWave 3D[8] for a couple of years now, but never really got to do much with it, and almost nothing at all for a year or so as I’ve been busy with school, family, and writing (my school work isn’t even remotely related to CGI or animation).

And I just got Painter, although that’s been extremely intuitive so far thankfully (and I got my hands on the Ryan Church Gnomon DVD on High Architecture, which has helped considerably). For some reason I’ve had much better succes with Painter than I ever did in Photoshop.

And then there’s the Adobe Production suite. Honestly, I’ve been eyeing this stuff for a couple of years now, and this trailer challenge finally gave me the good excuse to go ahead and get it, which is great except now I’m hip-deep in manuals. :scream:

And none of that is to mention the pile of art books from the library on my shelf as I try to further my understanding of stuff like perspective, design, composition, etc, etc. At this rate I’ll have given myself a year or two’s worth of education compacted into three months!

But then, that’s probably the real value in doing all this, isn’t it. :slight_smile:


This is my first modo model. The render is a quick F9. I’m also working on Patricia in modo. I just got modo and i’m trying to get some models made with it.


This is my VSTOL model. I made a closeup but it has props.