Eon (Trailer) Entry: Brian Linwell


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I bought the book a couple of days ago at Barnes and Noble, I also bought the “Prelude to Eon” book by Greg Bear, “Legacy”. I’m enjoying EON now.

This challenge really rocks!

I’m gonna do it with Flash, Photoshop, Lightwave and my guitar in Cakewalk. Maybe other software.

I’m currently working on a Flash - Wacom hand drawn TV /web commercial animation for a client too, but this challenge is too much fun to pass up.


Just wellcome and good luck 4 ur challenge.


Good luck with the trailer challenge. Enjoy! :thumbsup:


Fabio and Claire- Thank you so much for welcoming me to this challenge!

I figure the Eon challenge needs some E-on software, so I just finished ordering
the boxed version of Vue 5 Pro Studio!
I got some cool plans for this…

Now wait for the software and read the book…yikes.

I received the software on 10-12- 06. That was fast! Straight from E-ON.


This is a concept of the title and opening which I plan to animate with a spaceship entering the dock as the camera moves in.


Working on some possibilities for the 4th chamber. Gotta add clouds and more lakes,rivers. I did an animation, camera fly thru which I havent posted yet. I plan to add a V/STOL flying
thru…and those Russian paratroopers falling would be interesting.


Welcome to the challenge! Great shots so far. Glad to see someone else is considering the 2D (or at least partial 2D) route. Best of luck!

P.S. I didn’t realize there was a “prelude” by Bear. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Thanks fifty3dragons. I just finished reading EON two days ago. Really enjoyed it, I’ll start Legacy tomorrow. I’ve been doing a simple pen on paper storyboard, getting ideas, which I’ll surely change. It’s a lot of fun to consider different storyboards.


Nice lighting and cool point of view: keep it up!


This is my concept for a Russian V/STOL that is participating in the attack on the potato. Sketched in Photoshop on my Wacom. I think the Russians planned to fly this inside the potato. Hmm… Has rotatable jet engines on wingtips . I should add rocket exhaust out the back…for space or a boost.


Actually, there’s even a third book, a sequel to eon, “Eternity”.


I’m thinking of changing the aspect ration to “Academy standard”. Since this is for a possible movie, that makes sense. I’m also working on Patricia, but in 2d. The 3d V/STOL is coming along, not a Russian concept but the one in the book. Been assembling this into a trailer in Flash.


Nice to see you’re still working away at it.

You can do Academy standard, but make sure to double check the instructions where they state that the final submission has to be in 4:3 aspect ratio and maximum resolution of 640x480. If you want a different aspect ratio, you have to letterbox it inside the 4:3 (that’s the approach I’m taking with a 16:9 letterboxed inside a 4:3 at 640x480).

Keep at it!


Galactor- Ahhh…Eternity, a sequel to Eon. I’ll probably read that sometime later.
right now I’m emersed in Legacy. Its about Olmy and his sdventures in the
early days of the stone.

fifty3dragons- Ive started letterboxing in 640 by 480 too. I like the way it looks. Characters
can fill the center and there’s still room arround them for some epic background.
I’m doing this myself but I’ve talked to a friend of mine about possibly joining up
later to film me and others in HDdigital. Now if the producer he works for would
let him build a big -real active- metal robot to be a Guardian in the Way…I haven’t
asked him but he does that all the time for years. I’m sure they’re too busy.
Just daydreaming!

Anyway, about the way- It looks like in my last Vue 5 render the cap wall is heating up.
Which gives me the great idea to animate the opening of the way. That be in the Seventh
Chamber…So why is it threatening a breach in the fourth? So my mind imagines the panick in those picknickers when they look up and see this. Will there be a sudden implosion, a sucking away of the chamber air? Yeah…oh dear there goes that picknicking brat.


Software: Flash,Lightwave 3D,Photoshop,Vue

Just a test.

Play Video >>


kewl start. nice work on the light so far, great flythrough. looking forward to your next update, best of luck and keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock::wip:


Wow Angel, thanks for that very cool reply! Made my day! I’m looking forward to your next updates too!


I checked this out yesterday but then forgot to comment :slight_smile:

It’s got a nice even flow to it. It introduces the story well and has some great visuals (very nice with the fly through). One thought I had was that there seems to be a fair amount of text there all together (especially the spot talking about the libraries, etc). Even if it’s intended as spoken (i.e. voice over) it feels like quite a bit. Maybe consider trimming it down some, or spreading it over a slightly wider time frame with more images in between? Just a thought.

But overall, definitely a great start. I’m looking forward to more!


fifty3dragons- Thanks! Yes, thats exactly what I plan to do! I plan to strech it out to 90 seconds. I went to hook up my scanner, but it won’t work with my new machine. And when I tried to download a new driver, that wasn’t available. That’s why I haven’t got any more storyboard sketches up. But I have some photoshop-wacom drawn sketches I need to add.
I’ve just been learning my brand new Vue 5 program I ordered for this contest.Oh- and yes- I plan to voice over as Lenier and also get shot in a close up as a I say a cool
line about the stoned effect.