Eon (Trailer) Entry: Bortnichenko Dmitry


Great job, you did it all yourself too…just one question, when can I see more?


Excellent job! Absolutely brilliant outcome!

I also liked the opening antennae shot and the closeup of the building battle scene the best.


I just love it,:bounce: especailly the clouds and the alien ship design… although the quality of your video seem a bit pixelated because of encoding, but I just LOVES it, well done!:thumbsup:

Just one little thing… just noticed you have “powerfull” instead of “powerful”(after the opened folder sence)… should be one “l” or two "l"s?.. I don’t know…because I myself not good on english grammar, just pointing this out in case it is a mistake, out of absolute respect for you and the work you have done here.:thumbsup:

I was also spelled ENO instead of EON on final animation, lucky that was pick it up by a community member and got it fixed… :blush:



Hey Dmitry, finally it’s done! great job, and audio track fit well to the animation ! i wish you good luck for the judging time ! :thumbsup:


oh gosh! this is absolutely amazing! :eek: congratulations on ur final entry! :scream::eek::bounce::applause: very well executed! hoping to c more from u dude! :wink:

good luck to u! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


Good luck with your work!:thumbsup: Specially like the “eon” moment, on the final. :slight_smile:


Nice trailer to! Good mood, music and lighning. Good texturing to I must say, love the ground with the stones and stuff.



Thank’s everyone very much, i hope all of us have a really good time and have a lot of a new experience.

Good luck for everyone !!!


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