Eon (Trailer) Entry: Bortnichenko Dmitry


SO, there is some completed scene renders. Post and animation is easy here, but composition was a little hard for me, because i can’t choose witch type of composition to choose.


Happy new year !!!
Have a more luck, health and love !!!

May 2007 year make youк life more interesting, creative and filled with a light colors!!!


great renders, targus! you did this by yourself, correct? that’s so cool. i haven’t looked much, but I haven’t really seen someone go this far on the trailer project by themselves. i gave up on mine way soon. it’s awesome that you’re still doing this and i really hope you finish :wink:

edit: happy new year!


Absolutely love the lighting in the bottom image, Beautiful, powerful and deadly all at the same time!


Software: 3ds max

Thank’s everyone for comments. It’s not much time left, it better say - there is catastrophically small amount of time left.

I can’t do all the thing that i whant to do, but i think i’ll be able to complete trailer…

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Hey! What are you talking about???
Russkie Ne Zdajutsa!!! :slight_smile:


You can do it!!! That demo video was great. It’s always interesting to see how someone else puts things together. I was particularly intrigued by how you composited in the dust cloud effect from the tank.

Keep going!


Complete storyboard


Complete storyboard


Complete storyboard


Complete storyboard


Very interesting making of trailer…i really appreciate it! I like a lot the mood of the scene…the “war” effect is very intense!:applause:


Great storyboards! This one’s going to look fantastic.

In shot 18, I think it would read better (grammatically) to have something like: “Based on a novel by Greg Bear.” Or in the Instructions for the challenge they require that we use the line “inspired by EON, a novel by Greg Bear” if we show our work anywhere, so maybe that line could go there instead. Just a thought.

But it’s looking really good (but then, I knew it would be from the rough storyboards way back when we started)!


I use FL Studio 5 for trailer soundtrack and this is how it looks.

It’s very powerful sequencer and music creating program, i really love it.


There is Cool edit 2 pro, powerful program that i’m using for a sound editing.

fifty3dragons - OZ

Thank’s for comments and critique, really, it’s hard-learning progect for me, i understand a lot of things and raise my experience level. So, im happy, i think next progect will a much beautiful.
Thank you.


There is Ulead Media Studio Pro, program i use for video editing.


There is final audio for trailer, not much SFX, main point i make for music.

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So, there is complete trailer.

I want to say thank to everyone who take part in this competition, who help each other to gain more experience and have fun.
Thank’s cg.society for making such a wonderful competition, i hope we will see more soon.

So, this is end of a game for me, GOOD LUCK for everyone !!!

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Congrats Targus on your entry! Good job on everything…expecially thinking of a one-man-band here. Good luck to you too mate!



A very nice entry indeed. There are some wonderful shots in there. I think my favourites were the opener with the radio antenna [Shot 1], the shot of the Tower City [Shot 16] which had a beautiful background, and Shot 10 because I thought the camera angle was so cool. You obviously put a lot of work into this, and it shows.

Great job!