Eon (Trailer) Entry: Bortnichenko Dmitry


wow! this is looking cool! love the jeep…


Thank’s everyone for your comment’s. I really really want to make everything good enough. I’m glad that you appreciate my modelling abilities.

So, this is some pictures from shot 11 with a car, there will be 3-4 animation shots from this scene. There is lot’s of work to do.


i’ ve completely miss your sound part dude ! it’s pretty cool too ! your trip hop beat is really great.
One suggestion if you allowed me, in the middle of the cymbal (about between 16-25 sec) i think you could put percussions instruments like derbouka and bongo. it could make an great introduction to your bass beat .
You could maybe too, put an environnement or fractal noise at the beginning, to assist the chord before the cymbal.
Of course, it’s just an opinion !
Anyway really good work, the OST sounds great !


Wow Targus! we’re really loving some of your concepts, expecially the tripod! Also the rest of the modelling looks really promising! Keep up and good luck :thumbsup:

ThE-ShiFT team


That car looks great. I really appreciate the level of detail you’ve been able to achieve. Very impressive. Keep at it!


Like the models, and your soundtrack is a good start. Maybe some bore base.



-> SweD
Thank for critique, that’s what i actually need. Yes i have some more variations with this track, but now i want to try some other track’s. And it really really wonderful to understand that there is some people on our planet that know what is trip hop :twisted:

-> The-Shift
Thank’s very much, i’m practising concepts art now, so if i have some more free time i’ll show some more concepts. And it’s especially cool to hear some good critique from team-command.

-> fifty3dragons
Thank’s now i’m working on “Raven” model, it’s a little bit hard for me, i never can do fly objects well, butt i think i can do it.

-> coolkonrad
Thank’s im trying to do as i imagine it, i think i’s a right way.


Software: 3ds max

So, there is second soundtrack, but i think it would not be used in trailer…
there is third soundtrack near complete so…

Play Video >>


Yeahh!!! this soundtrack is very cool! :thumbsup:
Nice groove.




Nice job! I listened to your first track again as well, and I think they’d both work quite well. In fact, to me the second one felt even a little more moody (in a good way :slight_smile: ) and a bit haunted. I guess it just depends on the overall feel you’re going for. I’ll be interested to hear the third one.


Hey targus, trip hop rules man ! and with your second tracks i will be not surprised if you said me you love tricky :scream:
Anyway, on this one, good surprised to ear chords variations, but i’ve some regrets to not find again the bass line of the first, which was for me, really great and give the power and rythm of your composition, but of course, i’m not a pro and give just my opinion.
The first remind me some besson’s fifth element sounds, with something “arabic”.

Anyway, can’t wait to listen the third ! great work man :wink:


Thanks everyone for comments and critique.

As for intro bass line in soundtrack, i just want don’t want to use a bass in the beginning of the track because i want to power a beat with it and i need a clear intro.


So there is model of “Raven” which now im composing with scene, so i show you it soon.


Cool model. I really like the shape of the tail. It gives it an almost predatory feel, like it’s a scorpion tail (well, a reversed one anyway) about to strike or something. Great job! Looking forward to the composite.


So… there is shot 12 model, now i’m working with shots 13&16.

Shots 15 and 17 will be the most difficult for me, i think and there is not much time left -


So, there is soundtrack №3. Now i have 3 soundtrack’s and i think about which one to choose.
After that i’ll prepare them for time-line and sfx.

Play Video >>


All of the soundtracks seem quite good.
Maybe if you mix them together for variation? Just a thought…


Definitely liked the last track best. Goes good with Cobra. I like the “shifting” from the intro. Sounds like it’s gearing up. Cool.


Nice modelling in your shot 12. It’s all coming together. I enjoyed the 3rd soundtrack too. They’ve all been good. Each one sets a slightly different tone, so I guess it just depends on what overall mood you decide you want to establish. Keep it coming!


Some scene models. Now it’s near to complete texturing process. I also have some problems with composition.

This days i’ll have more time to work and i’m going to start to complete some stages of a trailer.