Eon (Trailer) Entry: Bortnichenko Dmitry


So, there is my edited storyboard. I think it show how i see the trailer and how i whant to do it.

Before draw each shot i think about scene construction and try to found optimal composition, it’s must be fast and optimal to model.






I think i can do it… may be. -


And thank’s everyone for comments, i really really need it.


Great boards! And you can do it! This has a clear, logical flow to it.

One comment: I note that there’s no image between Shot 6 and Shot 7 which sort of breaks the rhythm established throughout the rest of the opening sequence (i.e. shot, text, shot, text, etc). It does emphasize the text in Shot 7, though, and perhaps that’s what you were going for? Anyway, just thought I’d mention it since for me it did stick out a bit.

Also, I wonder if showing the shot of the world and the nuclear explosions in Shot 8 and then having that key text (“Who will get it first?”) follow in Shot 9 is somewhat anti-climactic (since it sort of gives away the visual impact before the question is posed)? Would it work better having another image in 8 and then the nukes follow? I’m not sure.

Great stuff, though. It’s nice to see your concepts all put together like this.

Hope that helps some. Just one opinion, of course, so ignore it if it doesn’t :slight_smile:


Thank for comments.

So there is no image betveen 6 and 7 shot because a have 2 positions:

  • i can use some additional scene
  • i can make a one shot from 4 and 6
    So i think about it later.

As for 8 and 9 shots - it’s really problem shots, i make some other types of this part of the story and choose this one. I can’t discribe it by words but i have an idea how to make it good enough. And there will be a pause between 9 and 10 shots in order to suddenly bring scene from silence to action. Music will help a lot i think.


MH!:slight_smile: Pretty original!! and very dramatic! I like the concept style and the very dramatic direction! Keep it up!


There is a model of Scene #1.

It’s complete but i can’t understand, if i need some small detailes or something else. So… if you have any crit - go on.


WOW! hey Targus! great detail on thouse radiotelescopes!!! Im impressed! can’t wait to see this scene complete!!:thumbsup:


So, there is second scene model.

My pipe line is:

  • Make concepts&story board
  • model all scenes
  • Raw light setup
  • Prepare effects
  • Draw textures
  • Mapping and light
  • Animation&camera
  • Rendering and compose

OZ: Thanks, i try to model as i imagine it, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes not… we’ll see :slight_smile:


another time,nice stuff!


Great models. Those telescopes are especially well done. I think the detail level on them is fine (especially considering they’re only on screen for a few seconds). I presume you’ll still be doing some texturing for them?


There is scene 4 model, some detail’s is not complete yet, they will be done after animation process, because it’s not clear now with details will be visible in final animation.


COOL! again a very ggod model.I apreciate the original design,it is very close to the concept in you storyboard!


Hi all, there is first soundtrack.
Yes, i say it’s first because i write several soundtrack’s.
I’ll show all of them, not just a final version, because i whant to know every one’s meaning about what is better and where i have mistakes.

This is just a part of soundtrack and it will be edited later with video.

Play Video >>


That’s a nice soudntrack. Good beat. I can see it working well with the visuals you’ve posted so far. Great model for scene 4 too. Wonderful detail. I’m eager to see you bring it all together.


So, i have some problems with i-net connection but now everything is ok and i’m ready to show everything i’ve done.

This is model of a protect car, the scene is in progress and it’s 90% complete. There will be 2 or 3 fragments in a shot 11 with this car, so i have to do some animation tests to understand where place camera and light.


I really like your modeling man ! very massive and interesting style, i’ve no reference to give to you, but this kind of vehicle remind me some SF film or anim so… :thumbsup:


COOL MODELING! i like the car model! and the music sounds good also!