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So it’s a begin of my story. I’ve make some sketch’s for trailer story. Now i’m concentrate in making a clear “work board” in order to understand what way i should go to make this trailer better and create all scenes faster and right. Also i need to understand what instruments is better to use.

I just whant to make my working progress as much usefull as i can and i think it’s interesting not only to make modelling, concepts etc… but try to make work process idead, balanced and interesting.

So the plan is:

  • story board.
  • concepts.
  • working with sound track.
  • prepare work process.


  • modelling.
  • mapping.
  • painting textures.
  • timing story board.


  • additional modelling.
  • lighting.
  • animation.


  • composing.
  • final.


Welcome to the challenge. I enjoyed looking over your storyboards. The print was just a bit small, but I think I got the gist of them. The drawing is certainly nice and neat. Looks like you’re off to a good start.

Thanks for laying out your process too. I (for one anyway) find it both interesting and helpful to see other people’s production piplines and goals.

Best of luck!


So, there is strider concept. I think i’ll draw some concept’s for better modelling process and texturing.

Acctually i love drawing concepts, i think it helps to feel a little bit free from time and 3D restrictions.


I like the mood you get from this concept, but just be careful to make it your own. It looks near identical to the enemies in Half-life 2. Still…it looks very very cool!


Nice drawing! Is it a concept for the Jarts, or are you going somewhat of your own route in terms of translation from novel to movie?


I agree with MatrixAgent, though I’m reminded of the Tripods from War of the Worlds. I don’t remember there being much ground fighting in Eon, the Death was basically MAD being carried out. I like the idea of building up the action before slapping the EON name in on the end though.


Thank’s very much for comment’s, it helps me a lot to uderstand what feelengs appears in human soul when someone looking or understanding something.

Yes, it’s look like HL2 strider, yes im a very big fun of a HL2, but i create it like i feel it in my soul… i don’t know why, but i i think “strider” should look like this… i just see it like this…

And this is a free art challenge as i understand, so i whant to create my universe, not just book “word by word interpretating”… i just like freedom in art and i think the main point of this challenge is not to show your abilities of 3D or 2D but to make you free to interpretate story as you see it… to show it like you see it… war and pease…

Trere is a lot terreble and dangerous things in the world… and we should to understand that this things is… people…


Concept of the sity that will appear in second shoot, by storyboard. I think the play of light and shadows will be plot of this shot.
I just whant to make it simple enought and eye cathing, so i have to make it contrast.


Great work so far, it looks like you are keeping your scedule nicely. Which is good since it will be a long haul to get everything done. Really ambitious looking plans, this will be awesome. I am looking forward to watching you chip away at it. Cheers, good luck.


continue in same way!
all nice

I wanted to take part too, but haven’t free time fo it :frowning:


Thanks for comment’s, i try to make everything as i see it so there is a lot of work to be done :twisted:

Hi Wicher, how are you ?
Yes, it’s sad that a lot of people can’t take part in this challenge but i’ll try. I think everything is going to be ok.


There is concept of a heavy transport that is going to be made soon.

I just can’t wait to model it !!!


Ok, now im coloring the storyboard, making some more concepts and then start modelling.
I think to remade some parts of storyboard in order to make it bigger and more usefull.

And i think about models requrements and animation process features… i whant to make clear 3D.


Hmmm… my image posted 3 times… may be it’s bug.

How can i delete it from my thread ?


Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: the rough storyboard looks good, i’m diggin the city concept “world trade center” ish landscape going on, cool :slight_smile:


Really like the style of your concepts gives the story a really nice feel to it. Are you going to do the trailer in the same dark style as your concepts? I really like shot number 7 of your storyboard I think that will come out really well. It looks as if it will be very dynamic.


More great concept work. I agree with Tenacious; I really like the dark style you’ve got going here as well and I hope it carries over into the final product. I find it very compelling just from stylistic point of view. Keep it coming!


This is a Raven concept. It’s a fly battle machine made only for assault and destry everything around it.

I whant to make it look strong, heavy and a little bit ugly like all battle machines.

You can see that front part of Raven is look like Ka-52 “Blak Shark”, because i think it’s one of the most powerfull military design ever made :slight_smile:


great concept work. love the dark and stryiking style you deal with light and hope i’ll see a strong 3d animated translation of them. keep up the great work, best of luck and keep on rocking:beer::buttrock::wip: