Eon (Trailer) Entry: Bilogortsev Dmytro


I have no choise! I want to realize my great ideas :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!


Ittrium, That’s a cool soundtrack. The woman’s voice is great. I like how the voice blends with the guitar. Gotta add my voice to my guitar too. Hope we finish. The explosion sounds good too. What guitar/amp/software do you use?


Yamaha Pacifica :slight_smile:
Zoom 707
Software in general Sony Soundforge 7.0

I think I need to record that vioce again. Because emotions of it not so true.
Last part of the soundtrack almost ready. Software used for it - FruttyLoops.


well done! veery interesting stuff. I like the cut of the story pointed to the change of future!:applause:


I returned. There was a lot of work, but I must finish the trailer!
I hope farther will please yet more :wink:
In the evening I will submit part of video.


Some Patricia’s ideas about future after reading book “History of Death”.
Hope you’ll like it!

Play Video >>


Some nice effects in there. That building didn’t have a chance. Looking good for the final cut. Keep going!


Thanx! I have a lot of work and try to finish this trailer at a time.


My character modeling skills is not good enough. So all models and scenes I rendered in Maya but close-ups in Poser…


By the way, who and what music does listen in the process of trailer creation?
What music is most inspire?
I like rock, but last times listen Juno Reactor…


This is 1/3 part of my vision of the EON trailer…
Any comments?

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I like it, especially the library scene. Waiting for the final.


Looking good. I really like the lighting/coloring the library scene. No crits from me. I’d say just keep going and get it all put together. Great job so far!


I don’t like some things…

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Thanx for all for advices, comments and ideas about trailer!
Good luck for you all. See in the next challenge :slight_smile:


Congratulations on a cool, dynamic trailer! Interesting style with an edge for stylized effects.


Thanx, but I am a bit wicked on my PC. Due to some bugs, there was a chance to be late with this trailer. And final part rendered not in full resolution…


Congratulations on finishing! Nice, fast paced trailer. Good music. Still think the library shot is my favourite, althought I like the door rising up ont he Frants as well. Too bad about your computer problems, but I think it came out just fine in the end. Good job.


Thanx, I had much time for library scenes. But I did not like the final. I think that next time will be much better. I think that animation challenges - good idea, and hope that will be another trailer challenges. I have fantastic feeling during this work.