Eon (Trailer) Entry: Bilogortsev Dmytro


Bilogortsev Dmytro is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Trailer: Done… Maybe I am Happy


EON trailer
Style and logo


Nice start! wondering how the “plasma” effect has been created…particles?
Good luck and welcome to the challenge! :slight_smile:

ThE-ShiFT team


On this stage, this is only Photoshop :slight_smile:
Plug-in KPT FlaxFlame, motion blur, brightnes/contrast adjustment and layer blending mode adjustment.
In movie, It maybe particles but in After FX. Or Maya’s particles but adding color and glow in afterFX…


Yeah, very exciting first image. Welcome to the challenge and good luck!


As though all. Only seems that the phrase of "the stone yielded a secret that made even Earth’s survival pale into insignificance
" is too long for a title. Are there ideas how to shorten it, but that sense remained?


Thank you fifty3dragons, I think that continuation will follow necessarily!


Here is few modification frases:
“… The secret of the Stone overwhelms Earth’s futile survival strugle …”
“… The Stone’s secret marches over Earth’s strugle for survival …”
Hope these help you out :slight_smile:

Since you have only so much time left, I think you should really push for the clarity of the storyboard -> one glimpse sees the story.
You found the story nicely, keep pushing to the finnishline! :thumbsup:


Thank you for advice, Cofiction!

When little time remains, a brain works more productively, isn’t it? :slight_smile:
I love approaching of deadline :thumbsup:


This is firs part of my soundtrack.
Any comments?

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Nice intro. For me the rhythm felt just slightly off right at the beginning, either the space between the repeating heartbeat/knocking sound (i.e. maybe the space needs to be removed?) or the point where the electric guitar enters (i.e. it feels like it maybe comes in too early; maybe push it back another beat or two?). Otherwise I thought it sounded rpetty good. Nice build to it.


There where emptiness, voice of Patricia will sound…
Thank you very much for comments!
An Updated version will be at the evening.


I hope no changes anymore.
Part 01


And part 02


Part 03


Hey, nice job on the edited boards. I like how it’s been expanded with some action shots, especially around the beginning. It’ll be interesting to see it put into an animatic along with your soundtrack.


Some correction, some voice. But…
I have some problems with final? more dynamic part…
I think it’s time to rest :slight_smile:

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Models for some war scenes… Texturing will be later.


I try to work quicker!
Deadline visits me in my nightmares :slight_smile:


That’s a great animatic. I think it’sl coming together quite nicely. At first I thought it stopped rather abruptly, but then I saw that it only covers the first half of your storyboards. It’s a great start though. Hope you find the time this week to finish it up. Keep at it! :slight_smile: