Eon (Trailer) Entry: Alpo Oksaharju



Great work you’ve done on this so far. Congrats for getting as far as you have, you’re among a very select few! :slight_smile:

There are some really nice touches - the scenes with the shuttles above earth… the shot of Patricia crying (and the fade to get to that close-up) are two of my favorites… But I wanted to comment to you about my vary favorite scene:

There’s one shot you have in here about 2/3 of the way through: The camera between two columns and slowly pans up to take in the full shape of one of the Stone’s chambers. It’s a fantastic shot, I love it! It’s really the first time you get a great sense of the shape and scale of the Stone’s interior. I think the correct expression might be “a money shot,” a longer, disticntly memorable scene. That being said, I feel that you short-change it. It’s such a great take that it’s worth dwelling on for even a bit longer, to let the audience take it all in more. Instead, it not only gets cut short but worse, it cuts to more than a full second of black. Might I suggest that you fill in that time with more of that scene…?

Anyhow, great work… best of luck to you!



Hey thanks walrus!

The shot is actually one of my favourites too. We talked on a quite a few occasions about the shot. If you look at the storyboard, it’s totally different. There were many different versions that were ok but didn’t really capture the sense of being inside a huge barrel. But yes, you might be right that it is a tad short. Altough the blackness is intentional. We wanted it to be like taking candy from a baby. Just as you are about to get a grip on the whole thing, it’s taken away. Like really tease you on the point of irritation. I think we got at least one on it :slight_smile: But now looking back at it, it might be better to loosen up a bit on the irritation factor. Thanks for bringing it up Mike, we really appreciate your comments.



It’s very cool.

Although I have to agree with all points mentioned by fifty3dragons, but from me the major critic is the narration, it’s not loud enough and it’s actually missing some… emotional content into it.
It will make a big difference to use more strength on the voice and add more emotion to it.

I’m curious to see it finished ! :wink:

Take care and good luck !


This is really good work!!!
I think you get my words in the BETHOVEN Thread too personaly.
Great Job, I am impressed!


Keep working baby :thumbsup:


final audio mix. Final trailer in a couple of hours :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


Software: 3ds max,combustion,Digital Fusion,FreeHand,mental ray,Photoshop,Vue,ZBrush,Premiere

Here is our final version. Thanks everybody for comments and critique. This has been a fantastic experience in all, and as stated before, we have learned alot since we started. A huge thanks goes to our better halves for patience and understanding.

In addition to gfx software, the following audio software was used:
-Logic Pro 7
-Kirk Hunter Emerald

A big hand to everybody participating in the competition! Thanks again, and good luck!

team Evil Duck

Alpo Oksaharju, Mikko Sinisalo, Jari Mäkynen, Max Lilja

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Excellant work! Held so perfectly to the story and shows it as I envisioned it as I read the book. Fantastic job!


Congratulations team Evil Duck!!! (have I mentioned how much I like that name, btw)

A terrific entry. I really like how it opens nice and slow with the narration, has that little bridge part involving the flaw, and then really takes it home with some beautiful visual imagery and more intense music. I think my favourite shot is still the close-up of the shuttle as they pass the bubble across. It almost looks like actual documentary footage.

It also just occurred to me how much modelling your team did. I don’t know if you used many 2D backgrounds in there, but it sure didn’t look like it. You must be near the top of the list for the sheer number of character, vehicle, and environment models made for your trailer in this challenge. Well done.

Best of luck in the judging!


You have done a great job, and been very faithful to your story board. Good luck, but the next time you most post more WIP during the competition, promise :wink:



Well done. My favourites parts are Patricia´s emotions and skydiving :thumbsup:


Good to see you made it to the finnishline with the complete project.
I like the Patricia character’s scenes best.
Again best of luck to the challenge and see ya around the school. :thumbsup:


A very cool trailer dude. Good luck to you with this challenge!:thumbsup:


Love it… it builds it has momentun … ur gonna win believe me :scream:


Great trailer. My favorite shot was the soldiers confronting the crosses.


IN MY TOP 5!:buttrock:


congrats on the 3rd place dudes



Congratulations on the 3rd place!

This was one tough contest! See you guys next time around again, yes?



Congratulations AOK to you and all your team, it’s an amazing piece with a great mood and storytelling too!
Good luck with all your things and a fantastic career in the CGI field!

Hope to see you on the next one!


congratulations are in order mates! :bounce::buttrock::applause::smiley: good to c u all in da winning group! :bounce: well deserved! :applause: