Eon (Trailer) Entry: Alpo Oksaharju


That’s a great looking shot. I love how the truck slows down (for the bump in the road) but it takes the “camera” a split second longer, and then the truck speeds up again and starts to overtake the camera this time. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this and created something very dynamic. Very nice work indeed.


That render looks superb!


thanks a bunch guys!

The dynamics were designed first. how the camera works with the truck and the street. the furnishing of the scene was done from the camera viewport. This speeds up things because one doesn’t have to do the whole buildings and stuff, just the parts that are visible to camera. This approach is good if the shot is “final”, it leaves little or no possibility to rework the camera. We chose this approach though to save time. We knew that we have a huge amount of work on the whole, so we wanted to concentrate our time on learning new skills that we needed to finish the the shots we planned. If working for a director on big project with lots of people, designing only for the preplanned camerawork wouldn’t be smart or even allowed, because there has to be room for moderate changes without reworking the whole environment. But here it was desided from day one, that we get the whole thing done, so decisions were made on where to allocate the working time.


Software: 3ds max,combustion,FreeHand,mental ray,Photoshop,Vue,ZBrush

Here it finally is. Feedback most welcome, title sequence still to come, and some other fixes, but this is the primary outcome. Will comment more elaborately after a good nights sleep :slight_smile:

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Hi, your semifinal version is great: the scenes, the sondtrack, animation… everything! well done!


Bravo, Bravo! That was pretty dang nice! Great synopsis of the story and held extremely faithful to it! The tear running down Patricias face and her along the flaw was fantastic!


That’s an awesome trailer! The scene where the bubble is being passed over from the shuttle almost looks like a documentary piece. I thought the music and voiceover/narration were also very well done (although I think volume on the narration could stand to be boosted just a bit if possible; the words themselves are clear enough, but I found it a bit difficult to hear).

Looking forward to some in-depth breakdowns of some of those scenes.

Great job!!! :thumbsup:


Really stunning work, very true both to the story and the ‘feel’ of the book!

Wonderful job, best of luck! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


I think you must add some motion to your final shot with EON logo.
It maybe slow rotatin planet, slow zooming titles or anything else… But motion must be very slow.


Really good! i like the trailer from the viewpoint of patricia.A good idea to explain a very complex story!


Great job on this project. Although, I do agree with fifty3dragons, the narration was a bit hard to hear when the music was overridding it. I really liked the trailer, it raised a lot of questions and made me want more!


awesome details … with EVERYTHING! :eek: :applause::bounce::buttrock:

more words fail me people :cry:

wishing the entire team the very best of luck! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


Man that was good i cant stop watching it :slight_smile: … its true about the narration at the beginning i could not ear it well but the rest is so very well done u capture the Eon world …



Fantastic work you have done here! Really! Everything has lots of details and the scale of the entire thing is very well expressed, but the thing we like most is the idea of using Patricia’s POV, it’s really clever! Good luck to you guys, wish you the best!


Good job, dudes! :thumbsup:
Altho, I share the comments with fifty3dragons and others about the narrative and sound composition. Also the final color corrections and the pacing between the scenes could use some tweaking.


Thanks for the comments!

The sound is a known issue, and it has already been corrected.

to Ittrium: The title sequence is yet to come.

to Cofiction: Yes we have acknowledged the color issue as well. Can you give an example of the pacing issue? what are the main problems in your oppinion. (so we can learn from them)

A “quick” self review of the project:

We had many agendas within this project that we wanted to accomplish. From a few different viewpoints.

First off, our main goal was in the learning department. And within that, several subgoals. 1. We wanted expand our teamwork abilites. 2. Learn new skills. 3. Train the visual eye. These goals were pretty much “achieved”.

As a team, not working in the same location, but via skype, team work proved to be a challenge and not the best way to maintain a degree of enthusiasm and solid quality of work. Our main goal as a team, was to finish in time, and to deliver a trailer that would convey our understanding of the book. The level of technical quality was flagged as secondary importance, because we have so much to learn in that area. Improving technical quality though was an important issue, and we made progress in that area, which we are quite happy with. But we cut corners, techicality wise, where it seemed it was an obsticle to finishing in time. For example, in the animation of the characters, in the desert sequence, we only used basic walk cycles, and animated only heads and eyes. We skipped animating hands, fingers, faces etc. So the quality is very crude, but it still conveys the feel we wanted to show. We think learning to allocate time in the right issues is quite an importat skill to master among all others.

From a skill point of view, none of us had really done much rigging before or humanoid character animation, so these were flagged as key learning points. All of us did some rigging and animation to get at least some familiarity with the workflow. This proved to be a good way to learn and test the understanding of dynamics of motion. We have a lot to learn in that area, but we got a good start at least. Not the best way production wise, to rig similar characters from scratch. Basically we learned a lot on all fields, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering, etc. A lot of the learning was the “trial-and-error” -type of learning, which can be frustrating at times, but than again is very effective.

The extension of the due date was a bit unmotivating for us. The reason for this was that we had calculated our resources and time to the 15th and all of us had commited to other things starting from the 16th. The unmotivation came from the knowledge that now we would have time to attack some of the technical and narrative issues within the competition time, but we couldn’t since all of us had other things. All in all, it’s a good thing it was extended to get all the excellent works finished.

As stated in the beginning of the competition, we were going to use live action, but we quickly dropped that to give more time on the learning of 3d characters.

At very early stages, we decided not to do very extensive conceptualizing, but to test how the imagination would flow straight to 3d. We wanted to see how would the visions fit together. The idea and narration was designed as a group, but each one could pretty freely use their own vision in mind to tell pieces of the story. This test proved a few things. Conceptualizing is very important :slight_smile: At latter stages of the project it came pretty clear, that we would have saved time if we had conceptualized thoroughly. But our approach had benefits also. We think that although the scenes vary quite a lot, it still holds together and gives a feel of vastness. We think it was worth the experiment.

All in all this has been a good experience and a step towards professionalism. After acknowledgeing and identifying the main issues that need to be attacked, we are pretty satisfied with the result, and think the picture speaks for its self. We have plenty of making of stuff, that we want to share if some one is interested. If there is something in particular, drop a message.

Still to come: the final trailer with cc and other corrections that we’ll try to find time to do, and of cource title sequence :slight_smile: Full list of who did what is also coming.

Monologing again :slight_smile:

more constructive critique is again most welcome. To see different points of view and learn from them, if you have an oppinion or issue you wish to point out, please include an specific explanation of why you think it should be changed or revisited. :slight_smile:


I realize this was somewhat trialing task (for me too) to put together, so I’ll be as gentle about these things as I can possibly be, 'cause I’ll be demanding the same stuff from my own entry :smiley:

About the pacing: It’s mainly what you have already done with the music.
The music paces and hits key notes on event changes - well done there.

However the narrative comes out with a hurry. It kinda passes by too quickly and audience is left hanging only with picture and sound I.e. the pacing (aka timing) is mainly the editors issue (person/s who do the final cutting and editing) :slight_smile:
IMO the narrative should stay with the trailer as long as possible and give out the sence of tension at the end.

Note: You don’t haveto do any new material, (if you don’t want to) you already have all the material you need to do some testing with this… given that you can spare some time away from finalizing and other stuff.

This is not a huge deal but something that could make all the difference in the end. :slight_smile:


Thanks Cofiction for the input.

The pacing was actually one of the first things we discussed, and we desided specifically that we want to communicate with picture and sound only in the latter part of the trailer. We tought if this were a real film, that this would be the first teaser trailer, and more plot exposing narrative trailers would propably follow. As I stated in the beginning of the competition, we think that the story has a certain quality in it which we wanted to keep, and not to use hollywood action movie type exposition and narration in the trailer. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t resent that type, we just thought it wouldn’t fit here. The narration, or the voice over, isn’t that exposing either if you think of it, we wanted to keep it somewhat elusive and not have any sfx either. I quote myself :slight_smile:

“We wanted to constuct the trailer as if the scenes were cut from the actual film footage, and not make material just for the trailer. So we talked about various scenes from the book. We wanted the scenes to be such, that the viewer would recoqnize the scene from the book. The rule for choosing the scenes was that the scenes had to convey a sertain rhythm of action, color and feel, and also some sense of exposition. The emphasis was on the emotional information of each scene. Especially in the latter part of the trailer. Of course the trailer itself was to have a beginning, middle and an ending. Some exposition in the beginning, and not so much in the ending. More expressive imagery and emotional buildup towards the ending. We wanted to capture the essence of the story in a non-plot-revealing way.”

The pacing was the key element for constructing our vision of the trailer. This is just one approach on the subject. And you are right, more experimenting would propably produce a more pleasing result. Good to get this kind of feed back, so we know what type of issues people pay attencion to. One can get quite blind to the work at hand. :slight_smile:


I’m almost hesitant to give any critique, because whatever I say about your entry is ten times over true for my own. :slight_smile: But I suppose giving and taking critqiue is all part of the challenge as well.

I watched it through several more times, and a couple of thoughts came to me. Just one opinion, of course, so take it for what it’s worth:

  1. the animation on the humans is generally good, but I found there was a slight stiffness to their movements throughout. You mentioned this is one of the things the members of your team had never really done before, so overall I’m really quite impressed by what you were able to achieve. And part of it is that the models are so good they’re making high demands on the animators! The more realistic the models, the more realistic their movements have to be.

  2. I thought maybe a couple of the city shots look a little overly monochromatic. There was one shot just after the library sequence (predominantly green) and another one where the jet flies past (predominantly blue and grey, I think) where a felt a little more variation/depth might be called for. A minor point really.

  3. The shot of the paratrooper as seen from above was really neat, but something in the shot made it look like a model against a 2D background (I’m not sure if the background was actually 2D or not). I think at least in part it was the lighting on him and how dark the shadows on his underside seemed to be. I’m not sure if I can quite put my finger on it though.

  4. It might be my speakers, but I thought the narration could be just a bit louder against the music. Not much. Just a little.

Anyway, as I said, just a few thoughts I had. Hopefully they’re somewhat helpful. By all means ignore them if they’re not. :slight_smile:

But definitely a fantastic effort. I’m sure the final submission will be even that much more polished and impressive!


Hey thanks 53d!

Actually I think you were right on the spot. All the things mentioned are on the corrections list that we’ve made. The animation though rough and stiff at times, is unfortunately going to be left uncorrected for the time being, but the other things mentioned we’ll try to solve in time :slight_smile: Thanks again for your thoughts, indeed helpful.