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Welcome to the trailer challenge and good luck. Enjoy! :thumbsup:


Rough storyboard, part one.


part 2


Hello all, and good luck in the contest.

A bit about us,

We are team “Evil Duck”. (don’t ask about the name, it’s a long story :smiley: ) We are three CG students from Finland. This competition was such an opportunity to really let the imagination fly, and since I (we) am (are) huge fan of sci-fi, it wasn’t an option to pass it by.

We have roughly outlined the duties for this project, but since our team is only thee strong, we decided to keep the workflow very organic. But the rough duty line-up is:

AOK (yours truly) - Direction, camera, lighting, facial modelling
sinis (Mikko Sinisalo) - Concept design, modelling, TD
Jasser (Jari Mäkynen) - Concept design, technical modelling, cityscape design,

Like I said the workflow is very organic, and pretty much everybody will participate in everything.

We will be incorporating live action footage, namely the character Patricia. A good friend of mine agreed to play the part, more on that later. All other material will be fabricated virtually. Music for this project will also be the work of another friend.

Again, good luck to all the contestants, and don’t hesetate to drop a message :slight_smile:

ps. the storyboard will continue tomorrow, and it’s longer than two parts (I accedentally put in 1/2 in the first upload).


Hi and welcome, storyboards is not that common here … yet :slight_smile:
And nice to see some more from the Nordic region. Was in Helsingfors last week by the way, just for one day. Cold, rainy but a nice town.

Yes, and good luck.

/peter Gothenburg Sweden

EON film trailer challange


Good storyboards.DId you plan to work in 2d or 3d for it?


part 3/4


part 4/4


Part 1 of the approved concepts for the trailer.


First of all good luck with the challenge… CrossBot and V/Stol look very cool… OTV reminds me of Babylon 5 Heavy Cruisers…

One more comment would be that you might need to cut some scenes because of the timeframe… I think there are way to many of them there… Which is a good thing if you manage to pull it off but a very difficult task…

Hope you make all of it…

Have fun man…


Hello again,

Time to shead some light on the project itself.

the basis:
After carefully consuming and digesting the first (not counting the prequel) installment of the saga EON, we sat down and discussed what were the main points and events, and what were the main motifs. We then played a mindgame that the movie was actually being made and we were making it. From that thinktank we came up with the feel of the movie and a sort of adaptation for the screen. We did this to get a clear direction of what we wanted to show in the trailer. We also considered the political history strongly affecting the tension of the story, at the time it was written. And since it influenced the story so much, and it is a sort of timepiece, we decided to adapt the story a bit to reflect the politics of today, to make it more interesting. But at the same time we wanted to be as true as possible to the book. We agreed that the most interesting sci-fi has allways been that, which contains the possibility of actuality. And this story is no different, the timeframe is fairly close in the future. So we wanted to keep a stong sense of realism attached. We made these decisions:

  • the “enemy” wouldn’t be the Russians, but a well organiced international political faction of some sort.
  • In the book the asteroid is found in the year 2000, but since that is history nowadays, we decided that it would be the year 2007. And since Patricia goes to the Stone four years later, the actual happenings would be around 2011.That gave us a temporal origo, from which to design the look of the ships and other equipment.
  • The story is not so much of an action oriented sci-fi, but more in the fashion of old school sf with awe inspiring vistas. But this story is very tangible at the same time, not like some hard core sf which is like taking a bad trip :smiley: . The story has real quality and finess attached to it, which we wanted to keep.

the trailer:
From this ground work we came up with the basis for the trailers idea and feel. We didn’t want to loose the finess of the story in some cheesy hollywood style texts to expose the pitch. In stead we wanted to leave some elusiveness to it and not really give away storyline. We wanted to leave the viewer with questions. But not make it too elusive, keeping it tangible. We tried to find the balance between expose/feel.

We wanted to constuct the trailer as if the scenes were cut from the actual film footage, and not make material just for the trailer. So we talked about various scenes from the book. We wanted the scenes to be such, that the viewer would recoqnize the scene from the book. The rule for choosing the scenes was that the scenes had to convey a sertain rhythm of action, color and feel, and also some sense of exposition. The emphasis was on the emotional information of each scene. Especially in the latter part of the trailer. Of couse the trailer itself was to have a beginning, middle and an ending. Some exposition in the beginning, and not so much in the ending. More expressive imagery and emotional buildup towards the ending. We wanted to capture the essence of the story in a non-plot-revealing way.

After this came the discussion about the timeframe and resources. What could we accomplish. Combining this with the groundwork, solidified the trailer stroyline.

-max 8
-xsi 5
-various plugins
-Logic audio

Musical score is going to be composed by a good friend Max Lilja, who will be joining our group shortly.


next up:

  • accurately timed 3d previz (containing all camera movement, angles and cuts)
  • Constructing all scenes and characters

will continue by:

  • lighting & texturing
  • rendering & compositing & vfx
  • final cut & sound editing

Done in parallel:

  • Fine tuning color design and feel
  • musical score design
  • foley & speech

To save time we started with the storyline first, and conceptualisation second. The book gave us a very solid place to start visualizing the story and thus concepts were leaved as second task, so we wouldn’t waste any time conceptualising something we wouldn’t use.

We will be using a lot of mattepaintings to save time, and thus we keep camera movements moderate. Also camera mapping will be applied (where possible). Only necessary elements will be 3d, will try to get away with as many 2d elements as possible. As said earlier, Patricia will be filmed against greenscreen for the library scene. Other characters will be cg (including a double for Patricia).

Huh, a lot of monologing :slight_smile: Anyhoo, the work continues.


Thanks a bunch.

Both actually, mattepaintings in 2d (utilising 3d renders though), and for the rest 3d.


very nice models! the crossbot is fantastic!!!:applause: :applause: :applause:


Very nice concepts and workflow organization.

It’s good idea to use lot’s of matte paint and 2D composing, im interested… i think your team will show us everything in detailes :twisted:

Keep on and have a good luck.


Goodness. Very well thought out! It’s good to hear the reasoning behind the decisions of everything. It does look like a lot of work, but you seem to have a pretty solid team and tricks up your sleeves to getting it done efficiently. I love the designs of the ships and vehicles. A nice combo of hard edges and soft curvies.

Very nice work team Evil Duck!!


Good work, team EvilDuck!

Looking forward to seeing you in action :smiley:

Nice looking designs on the vehicles. A bit large scale storytelling on the storyboard, tho.


Wow! Your team really has it together. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this. I enjoyed the storyboards, and the modelling is fantastic. Can’t wait to see the animatic.


Software: 3ds max

Here is the animatic for the trailer. Even though there is no soundtrack in this version, it is cut as a wholesome audiovisual piece. The main fuction of this animatic was to block the primary action, so we could break down each shot and not do any unnesessary work. We are currently hard at work with the scenes, just finishing character models, thus the updates have been a bit scarce. More posts on the way.

Play Video >>


Great animatic. Solid all the way through. I especially like the final shot of the blast coming down the corridor. A great way to end it. Can’t wait to hear the music and voiceover with it.